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Special Publications in Archaeology Series

Special Publications in Archaeology is an online series of reports designed to provide information on South Dakota archaeology to the public. All the reports are available as pdf (portable document format) files. To read them, you will need a pdf viewer such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader. With the reader, you can view, download, or print the file. The printed version of the pdf file is how the report would appear if published as a hardcopy report series. Pdf files can be large, so a high-speed internet connection is recommended.

Some of the reports may also be available as zipped web page archives. To unpack a zip file, you need a program such as WinZip or PkZIP. Those reports which are available as zipped archives are also available for online viewing.

spa01 cover No. 1: A Surface Collection from Northwestern South Dakota by Norman G. Flaigg. In his years growing up on a ranch in South Dakota, Norman Flaigg built up a sizeable collection of artifacts. Unlike many collectors, he carefully documented his collection. This report culminates a lifelong interest in the history of the land. It is available as a pdf file (5.27MB).

No. 2: Excavations at the Winter Site and at Hartford Beach Village 1980-1981 (Second Edition) by James K. Haug. This report describes excavations at two sites in northeastern South Dakota. The Winter site is a multicomponent occupation on Coteau Lake. Hartford Beach Village is a fortified prehistoric site situated on the bluffs above Big Stone Lake. It is available as a pdf file (12.5MB).

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