Women's History Collection: H

Hall, Edna Papers (H75-315) 3 folders

On May 8, 1927, Charles Bintliff, a prohibition agent for the US Department of the Treasury, was killed in the line of duty. This collection, which includes five letters and claim forms, relates to Edna Bintliff Hall's subsequent claims for compensation.

Hall, Elizabeth Meadville McConnell Farrell Diary (H99-137) 1 item

Copy of the diary written by Eliabeth Hall while living in Dell Rapids, January 1, 1883 through January 7, 1884. She writes about her children, daily chores, her husbands’ activities and the weather.

Hammill, Ella May Papers (H77-46) 6 items

Family photographs and genealogical materials researched and collected by Hammill. A letter by Avery and Addie Hammill of Winabago Valley (16 miles from Miller), Dakota, to Mother and Cora, dated February 5, 1886, speaks of weather hardships and poor crops, making fresh butter, and the weariness of living a difficult life.

Hanson, Joseph Mills Family Papers (H74-17) 15 cubic feet

This unprocessed collection contains approximately fifteen cubic feet of correspondence, more than half of which was written to or by Annie Hanson, mother of Joseph Mills Hanson. A majority of the letters, detailing day-to-day family activities, are between Annie and Joseph. Letters written during the 1800s are mainly between Annie, her mother in New York, and Annie’s brothers Stephen in Omaha, Nebraska, and Abe in Washington, D.C. Major Joseph Randall Hanson and his wife Annie were early settlers in Yankton. The Major was a territorial legislator and was appointed Indian Agent for the Upper Missouri region by President Lincoln in 1865.

Hawkins, Thelma Scrapbooks (H85-96) 19 items

Scrapbooks, 1945-1978. Hawkins was one of a very few African American women living Pierre from 1945 until her death in 1986. Hawkins taught at the Pierre Indian School for many years before retiring in 1974. She was active in Girl Scouts of America, the American Association of University Women, the Trinity Episcopal Church, and the Pierre chapter of Business and Professional Women. Hawkins was also a member of the board of directors of South Dakota Public Television.

Haxby, Orpha LeGro Manuscripts (H75-149) 2 items, 11 pages

Homesteading in the Black Hills, n.d., and 1944. In a letter and a manuscript Haxby discusses the trip she made as a child with her family from Elk Point to Rapid City in 1876. In addition to the routines of travel, Haxby mentions the various supplies and furniture they brought with them and the problems of life on the trail.

Hegna, Audra Adams Papers (H90-123) 1 cubic foot

Correspondence, financial and family records, news clippings, real estate documents, and photographs, 1860s-1970s. Audra Adams was born in 1903 in or near Wallace, South Dakota. Her parents were Ezra Adams, a banker, and Lillian Shanks Adams, a pianist. Audra married Ed Hegna in 1930 and joined him in Montana, where they spent the rest of their lives. Other family members remained in South Dakota.

Herm, Clara O. Photographs (H94-61) 89 items

Photographs of Rosebud Indian Agency, 1941-1947. Includes views of Mrs. Herm, nurses, doctors, groups of Indian children, boarding schools, and individuals. Also included are photocopies of two news articles concerning Mrs. Herm’s career as a public health nurse. Mrs. Herm served as public health nurse at Rosebud Indian Agency from 1932 until her retirement in 1950.

Heron Family Papers (H94-50) 16 items

Consists of photographs and papers of John and Jane Knowlton Heron and their children, Claude, Grace, Hugh, Robert, and Laura. John, Jane, Robert, and Grace Heron immigrated to Pierre from Ontario, Canada in 1886, where John worked as a blacksmith. Among the papers are a Declaration of Intention certificate for Grace Heron, a brief family history written by Grace, and a brief account by Laura Heron Spencer of working in the book bindery in the old capitol building in Pierre.

Hoard, Lula (Mrs. Willis) Letters (H82-47) 11 items

Nine letters written to Mrs. Hoard by her brother Guy Winesburg while he was in the army in 1918; a retail business license issued to Mrs. Hoard by the South Dakota Division of Taxation and a letter to Mrs. Hoard and her husband from Arthur Mayer of the 164th Depot Brigade.

Hogan, Martin E. and Kate Letters (SC 34) 6 items

Letters written by a lieutenant in the US Army in Dakota Territory, and by his wife, 1871-1874. The letters describe living conditions and life on military posts at the Lower Brule Indian Agency, Fort Randall, and Fort Sully.

Horning, Harriet Photographs (H92-61) 11 items

Family photographs, ca. 1908-1960. Harriet Horning was Codington County Register of Deeds, 1946-1950; South Dakota Mother of the Year in 1952; and the first woman to serve as South Dakota State Auditor, 1958-1960.

Household Account Book (75-501) 1 item

This single notebook, written from January through July 1880, lists items bought and the amount paid for each. Entries include muslin, silk, cashmere, embroidery, needles, buttons, thread, paper and postage, as well as three cake recipes.

Humphrey Family Papers (H91-116) 5 cubic feet

Correspondence between Humphrey family members and between Hervey Humphrey and his business and political contacts, 1877-1900. Humphrey was editor of the Faulkton Times, Faulk County Commissioner, and served as South Dakota’s Adjutant General from 1897 to 1901. The papers contain important information concerning early settlements in Faulk County and territorial politics. Correspondence of the Humphrey children, while small in quantity, offers details of their lives in a pioneer household.

Hutchings-Koehler Family Papers (H78-54) 122 items

Septima Koehler (1848-1918), Aurora Koehler (1846-1928) and Josephine Hutchings (1863-1930) taught in Indian mission schools in South Dakota from the 1890s to the early 1910s. The collection includes approximately 100 brief essays written by Indian students at St. Elizabeth's School, Walworth county; 15 pamphlets and newspapers relating to mission activity in the state; and 7 photographs of students at St. Elizabeth's School and Indians at Rosebud Agency.

Hutton, William E. Family Photographs (H96-16) 200 items

Glass plate negatives of Egan, South Dakota family, ca. 1900. Photographs in this collection provide a remarkable view of both the Hutton family and the Egan area.