Women's History Collection: K

Kalkbrenner, Mrs. Ray Manuscript (H76-94) 1 item, 43 typewritten pages

Manuscript entitled, "The Smithville Story." Contains the memories of Mrs. C. F. Bohnsack, nee Katie Franklin, of the Pothook Bar Ranch at old Smithville. Franklin was the older of two granddaughters of C. K. Howard. Kalkbrenner was a small child at old Smithville at a time when Bohnsack had reached adulthood and married.

Kelly, Ilma Letter (H75-68) 2 items

In a long and detailed letter, Kelly, a nurse in the American Expeditionary Force, describes her experiences on the French and Belgium Fronts as a member of a mobile hospital staff during World War I in 1918.

Kirk, Maud H. Letter (H74-143) 1 item

Consists of a single-page note written by Maud H. Kirk on June 14, 1877, while on board the steamer "Josephine." The note, stating all is well, was placed in a bottle and thrown overboard near Fort Buford.

Klein, JoAnn Kositzky Photographs (H94-63) 6 items

Two group photographs of the Women Accepted in Volunteer Emergency Service unit in which JoAnn served from 1944 to 1946, an informal photo of JoAnn with three other women in uniform, and copies of WAVES publications.