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Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-075)
Letterpress Books, March 1893-October 1903. Consists of copies of letters sent. V 1723-1725

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-075)
Furlough Register, 1890-1902. This indexed volume contains the name, residence at time of enlistment, date of enlistment, where discharged, date, name of captain or officer in charge, furlough dates, rank, company, regiment, state, arm, months of service, pension, pension certificate, age, nativity, occupation and social condition. V1722.

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-074)
Member Records Registers, 1891-1907. The volumes contain information on members admitted, readmitted, discharged, furloughed, absent with leave, deceased, lists of effects of deceased, pension accounts, and misconduct cases. V1726-1727

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-074)
Minutes, June 1889-February 1955. These volumes contain the names of the members of the commission, motions, resolutions, activities, and expenses. V1849-1853

Board of Charities and Corrections, State Soldiers Home
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1891-1954. Box 7226B

Buschnell, Arthur J. (H75-309)
Letter, 19 March 1899. Bushnell was a musician in the 1st South Dakota Infantry serving in the Philippines. This letter describes living conditions, food and military action. Box 3650A

Daley, Charles Mott (H74-038)
Scrapbooks, 1898-1937. Daley was a minister in Willow Lake before joining the National Guard in Huron. He was commissioned a captain and became chaplain of Company K in 1898. The scrapbooks contain photographs and newspaper clippings collected and taken during his service in the Philippine Insurrection. FB 23-24


Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Adjutant General
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1892-1982. Many missing issues. Boxes 7221B, 7187C, 7228A, 7182B, 7287C

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Adjutant General (H83-045)
South Dakota Military Service Lists, 1897-1900. Includes the counties of Aurora, Beadle, Bon Homme, Brookings, Butte, Day, Faulk, Hamlin, Marshall, Minnehaha, Robert, Turner, and Yankton. The lists include the name, address and age of those that are eligible for duty. Box 3614B

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Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of National Guard.
Rosters, 1887-1917. MF 1765-1766

Englesby, Charles H. (H75-310)
Papers, 1897-1939. Englesby was Captain of Company H. of the South Dakota National Guard when they were called to duty in the Philippines. He also served as state adjutant general in the National Guard from 1905 to 1913. In 1917 he was colonel of the 1st Regiment of the South Dakota Cavalry when they were sent to Camp Cody during World War I. Englesby served with part of the 1st Army corps during the St. Mihiel and Argonne offenses. This collection contains correspondence, military papers, H.R. 2904 and related material, photographs, scrapbook, clippings, and an 1898 map of Manila. Boxes 3647B-3648B, MD 67

First South Dakota Infantry (H83-050)
The Roster of the Northwestern Association of Veterans of the 1st South Dakota Volunteer Infantry, 1939. This publication lists the companies and the names of each soldier that served as well as their current address. Box 3615A

First South Dakota Infantry (H95-039)
Northwest Association of Veterans of the 1st South Dakota Infantry Booklet, 1950. This collection consists on one booklet inviting the groups’ annual meeting in 1950. The booklet contains a memoriam list, a description of the meeting place, the 1950 roster and some brief notes. The items belonged to Robert Boyd Lambert who served with Company M in the Philippine Insurrection. Box 6033A

First South Dakota Infantry (H96-023)
Photographs and Correspondence, 1898 and 1971. One photograph of the South Dakota Volunteer Infantry Company M., and another smaller photo of the SD Volunteer Infantry showing more companies gathered in Lead. Also, included in this collection are three letters pertaining to the history of the South Dakota Volunteers written by Robert Boyd Lambert to Don Rickey Jr. at the U.S. Army Military History Research Collection. Box 6074A

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First South Dakota Volunteer Infantry (H84-046)
Memorial Poster of Company F., First South Dakota Infantry, 1898-1899. This collection contains a memorial poster that lists the names of privates, officers, those discharged, transfers, and dead. MD 064

First South Dakota Volunteer Infantry (H87-005)
Manuscript, undated. This collection consists of a copy of a manuscript entitled, The First South Dakota Volunteer Organization of the Regiment, and a Sketch of its Services in the Philippines, which was written by Marion L. Fox. Box 3749A

General Photo Collection (P104)
Military. Includes an identified image of the 1st S.D. Volunteers Band; and miscellaneous group photo including Co. A, Pierre, and Co. H. Spearfish.

General Photo Collection (P100)
Patriotic Photographs. Group photo of the members of the 1st South Dakota Infantry, 1898-1932.

Krueger, Herman F. (H92-006)
Spanish-American War Photographs and Papers, 1898-1940. Krueger enlisted in Company K of the first South Dakota Volunteer Infantry Regiment in May 1898. He served in the Philippines until he was wounded in 1899 and discharged. His collection consists of letters written by Krueger to his family, discharge, disability and pension records, military pamphlets, a photograph of Company K, newspaper clippings, photographs purchased in the Philippines, and United Spanish War Veteran’s records. Box 4547 and MD 263

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Merriam, Edna M. (H75-280)
Letters, 1898-1899. This collection consists of letters from and concerning Edna’s brother Fred E. Green who served in Company I of the 1st South Dakota Infantry in the Philippines. The letters concern activities and friends in Manila, Green’s death in February 1899 and his burial. Box 3651A

Photographs (H97-055)
Military, 1864-1953. This is a large collection of military photographs. The Charles Mott Daley, William C. Notmeyer, Howard estate photos, and the Rahskopf collection contain Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection photos. Boxes 6823 -6827, FB 333 and MD263

Preacher, Charles B. (SC 74)
Letter, 2 February 1899. Preacher was first sergeant of Company M, 1st South Dakota Infantry in the Philippine Insurrection. This collection consists of one letter written by Preacher to a friend in Rapid City. The letter describes Preacher’s feelings about the war and several incidents. He died March 31, 1899 from wounds received in battle. MD63

South Dakota National Guard (MF 40)
Rosters, 1885-1917. This includes a listing of the names, ranks, dates and locations of appointments for commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers. It also includes a register of men who transferred, were discharged or died. The register of enlisted men has an index and includes the name, rank, date of enlistment, age, occupation, address, discharge date and remarks. MF 1765


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Faust, Karl Irving. Campaigning in the Philippines. San Francisco, Hicks-Judd Co. 1899

Heitman, Francis Bernard. Historical Register and dictionary of the United States Army, from its organization, September 29, 1789 to March 2, 1903. Washington, Govt. Print. Off., 1903.

Jones County war veterans past and present : from the Civil War to the Persian Gulf War (1861-1991). Murdo, S.D. : Veterans Service Office, South Dakota Veteran Dept., [1995]

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Roth, Russell. Muddy glory : America’s “Indian wars” in the Philippines, 1899-1935. W. Hanover MA : Christopher Pub. House, 1981

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Steffen, Randy. The horse soldier, 1776-1943 : the United States cavalryman, his uniforms, arms, accoutrements, and equipments. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 1977

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