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The National Guard was mobilized in 1917. The Home Guard was created in order to protect the state after the departure of the National Guard.
Active: American Expeditionary Force, 147th Field Artillery, 41st Infantry Division, 1st South Dakota Cavalry, 32nd Infantry Division, 66th Artillery Brigade


89th Infantry Division Pamphlets (H82-059)
Official Brief History 89th Division, 1917-1919. Company B 342 Machine Gun Battalion, 89th Division, Review of the World War and Company B 342 Machine Gun Battalion from Camp Funston, Kansas to Pfalzel, Germany, 1919. Box 3599B

American Legion, Pierre Post #8 (H74-171)
Biographical Sketches of Legionaires who served in World War I. Box 3475A

American Legion Auxiliary of South Dakota (H80-006, H95-041, H98-067, H99-024, H2000-025)
Collection, 1921-1997. The South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary, a women’s service organization, was created in 1921. This collection contains copies of the newsletters and publications, department histories, clippings, proceedings, yearbooks, and unit histories. The Gold Star Volume is a commemorative volume containing biographies and photographs honoring South Dakota’s WWI dead. Box 3716-3720, 5851-5856,6033A, 6888C, 6939-6940A, 6835, FB 381

American Legion Caucus, St Louis, 1919 (H75-579M or MF 505)
Proceedings and Committees, May 8,9,10 1919. This is a microfilmed copy of a 177 page booklet for the caucus held in St. Louis. It contains the names of the advance committee, lists of delegates from each state, minutes, names of various committees and members of those committees, and a list of the state officers. MF 1848

Anding, Ida M. (H75-202)
Manuscript, 1917. Anding discusses conscription, disbursement of South Dakota troops into the regular army and efforts at home during the first year of World War I in a four page manuscript. Box 3543B

Ausman, Leslie Vivian (H75-024)
Papers, 1917-1919. This collection consists of one folder of Ausman’s papers from his service with the 136th Infantry and the 267th Prisoner of War Escort Company in France during World War I. Box 3536B

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Banks, William J. (H91-005 and H96-003)
U.S.S. South Dakota Veteran’s Association Reunion Flyer and Poster and postcards, 1917, 1951. Banks, born in Huron in 1896, enlisted in the Navy in 1917. He served on the U.S.S. South Dakota during World War I. This collection contains postcards and negatives of the U.S.S. South Dakota and a flyer and poster advertising the U.S.S. South Dakota Veteran’s Association Reunion. Box 3997A and M 263

USS South Dakota

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-075
Correspondence, 1917-1937. Collection consists of letters sent and received by the State Veterans Home. Box 2107-2108

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-074)
Minutes, June 1889-February 1955. These volumes contain the names of the members of the commission, motions, resolutions, activities, and expenses. V1849-1853

Board of Charities and Corrections, State Soldiers Home
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1891-1954. Box 7226B

Breeden, Jane Rooker Smith (H74-022)
Papers, 1874-1932. These are the papers of early Pierre, S.D. resident and woman suffragist, Jane Rooker Smith Breeden. This collection contains correspondence, woman suffrage material, temperance material, records of Pierre social clubs and one folder of World War I anti-German propaganda. Boxes 3646-3647A, MD 64

Camp Dodger, Overseas Edition (MF 505)
Friday, February 3, 1919; Volume 2 no. 1. Weekly publication published by the Eighty-Eighth Division.

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Casper, Helmer E. (H94-030)
WWI Photographs and Papers, 1918. Helmer and his cousin Levi entered the Army in September 1918 and were stationed at the training camp in Rapid City. Both died one month later in October 1918. The collection contains a photograph of Helmer in uniform, and correspondence pertaining to Helmer’s death benefits. Box 5708A and FB 262.

DeLand, Charles Edmund Papers (H69-005)
Papers, 1890-1935. Deland, was a prominent Pierre lawyer, politician, author and historian. This collection includes newspaper clippings about World War I and the role of the South Dakota National Guard. Box 3339B

Department of History, State Historical Society (H82-060)
World War I Casuality Records, 1917-1918. This collection consists of newspaper clippings from the Sioux Falls Press from 1918 and 1919 listing information about South Dakota casualties during World War I. Also included are hand-written lists of South Dakota’s missing, killed, wounded or prisoners. Box 3600A

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Adjutant General
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1892-1982. Many missing issues. Boxes 7221B, 7187C, 7228A, 7182B, 7287C

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of National Guard.
Rosters, 1887-1917. MF 1765-1766

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Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs, (83-066)
Original listing of World War I Paid Bonuses, 1925. Alphabetical listing of names. Box 1086B

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs (89-168) RESTRICTED
World War I Veterans Bonus Records, 1925. This collection contains confidential information on the veterans of World War I. Records in this collection include applications to the South Dakota Soldiers Compensation Board, Bonus claims listing, and certified forms from the County Treasurers office.

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, LA-SD-Okla Provisional Regiment (2005-038)
OKLASODAK newsletter, 1916-1917. Newspaper of the Louisiana, South Dakota and Oklahoma provisional brigade. Issues included in this microfilm start August 25, 1916 through February 7, 1917 with one missing issue, November 22, 1916. MF 5747

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, State Council of Defense
South Dakota on Duty, March 1918-August 1918; January-February 2003. FB 481

Devine, Thomas (H73-004)
Scrapbook, 1917-1918. One scrapbook containing magazine photographs, drawing, maps and cartoons. FB 48

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Evans, John Harrison (H76-028)
Military registration cards, 1917, 1942. This collection consists of two draft tickets for John Harrison Evans for World War I and World War II. Box 3564A

Garver Family Papers (H91-072 and H88-052 which is RESTRICTED)
Harvie A. Garver Scrapbook, Photograph Album and autobiography, 1872-1945. Garver was born in Blunt, attended Creighton University, worked as a stenographer, and a secretary to a railroad engineer, served in the Army in World War I, and operated a general store in Blunt. This collection contains a scrapbook that documents all of these events in Garver’s life. FB 44

General Photo Collection (P104)
Military. Includes photos of Company E drilling at Madison; Co. E. leaving by train; Co. E’s mascot a coyote; and images of military vehicles, mess halls, a supply room and a “casino” taken in Europe.

General Photo Collection (H91-035)
Military Scenes, 1918. Three images including a military group captioned “Greenwood, S.D. July 4, 1918;” and a military group captioned “Fish Day in Lake Andes, 1918;” and the USS South Dakota. FB 165

General Photo Collection (H91-055)
World War I Naval Photographs, 1919. This collection consists of four photographs including Navy Secretary Daniels greeting the Navy’s Trans-Atlantic fliers, Navy Secretary Daniels congratulating Commander Read on Trans-Atlantic flight, six Navy personnel in front of a sea plane, and four Navy personnel standing on the deck of a ship. Box 5518B

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General Photo Collection (H93-090)
Military Panoramic photos and posters, 1885-1951. Photos include: Reserve Officers Training Camp, Fort Snelling, 1917; 1st South Dakota Cavalry, Camp Cody, 1917; 2nd Training Battalion, 59th Depot Brigade; Officers 1st S.D. Cavalry, 1917; U.S. Navy Band at St. Louis, 1918; Major General Leonard J. Wood at Camp Funston, 1918; 36th U.S. Infantry assembled for Liberty Loan Celebration at Fort Snelling, 1918; Reveille Field Camp, 68th Infantry Brigade, 34th Div., 1918; 51st F.A. Band Camp, Texas, 1918; 8th Battalion, 163rd Depot Brigade, Camp Dodge, 1918; 136th Infantry, 3759 men and officers; Co B. 4th S.D. Infantry; Squadron E. Kelly Field; and Troop A. 1st Cavalry. MD 262 and 263

General Photo Collection (H94-002)
Photograph of the Student’s Army Training Corps, Section A, University of South Dakota, 1918. MD 262

General Photo Collection (H94-004)
Photographs of WWI flight instructor, Lt. Albert Haskell, 1919. This collection consists of five photos of Haskell flying his DeHaviland 4. MD 263
General Photo Collection (H95-055)
Photograph of the 41st Infantry, Co. I. during World War I, undated. MD 262.

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General Photo Collection (P100)
Patriotic Photographs. World War I, Auxiliary and Barracks #2774 group of people in Pierre April 1977.

Hanson, Joseph Mills (H74-017) RESTRICTED
Papers, 1853-1939. Joseph Mills Hanson was born in Yankton in 1876. He served in the National Guard on the Mexican Border in 1916, and with the 147th AEF during World War I. He wrote for the publication, Stars and Stripes, and wrote the History of the American Combat Division, during his time in Europe. After returning to the United States he wrote for The Home Sector and The Independence. He was discharged in 1920. The South Dakota State Historical Society commissioned Hanson to write the book entitled South Dakota in the World War, 1917-1919. His manuscript of the book and correspondence regarding the book are in these papers. Also, included in the Hanson papers are 116th Supply Train Files, First South Dakota Cavalry Morning Reports, 1917; and Camp Cody Papers, 1917-1919.

Hardwick, Earl (H89-028 and H90-003)
Reminiscences of Military Experiences; South Dakota National Guard on the Mexican Border, 1916 and World War I. This collection consists of photographs and two cassette tape recordings. Hardwick made the recordings on his experiences on the Mexican Border and in World War I when he was about 90 years old. Box 5516B and MD 263.

Hengel, Mrs. Albert (H71-005)
Collection, 1918. The miscellaneous collection contains business cards, menus, and stationery all relating to Pierre and Fort Pierre. The army pay book dated 1918, for Albert Hengel, Pvt. 330 Aero Squadron is also included. Box 3344A

Hill, Charles Wyman (H75-249)
Diary and Memoranda, 1917-1919. Hill was a private in Battery F of the 147th Field Artillery and his 118 page typescript diary describes his two years of service as a radio and telegraph operator. Box 3544B

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Hutchinson, William Boyne (H2001-057)
Papers, 1918-1998. Hutchinson joined the 82nd Field Artillery in 1918 along with three other Faulkton area boys, Joe Byrne, Hamlin Turner, and War Zuelke. He was stationed at Fort Bliss for basic and advanced training. The collection consists of a Service Book that was compiled by Hutchinson’s mother, Elzora; books on Fort Bliss, and information on the reunions. Box 6996

Ihli, Leo Alvin (H75-188)
Diary, 1917-1918. This collection consists of a typescript copy of the diary of Ihli, who was assigned to Battery C, 147th Field Artillery, of the 32nd Army Division. He served in France during his eighteen months of military duty. Box 3543B

Kelly, Ilma (H75-068)
Letter, 1918. In this letter Kelly, a nurse in the American Expeditionary Force, describes her experiences on the French and Belgium Fronts, as a member of a mobile hospital staff. Box 3538B

Kerr, Robert Floyd (H21-001)
Papers, 1879-1919. Kerr was a politician, historian, newspaper editor, and educator. This collection consists of correspondence, subject files, writings, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings. There is some correspondence and numerous newspaper clippings on World War I. Box 3621-3623A.

Norbeck Papers (H90-045)
Letter from Mrs. Peter Norbeck to Oscar Boub, 1918. One four page letter written by Mrs. Lydia Norbeck to Oscar Boub who was stationed in France at that time. She mentions that “South Dakotans have not forgotten our boys over there..who have sacrificed and given their best.” Box 3861A

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Photographs (H97-055)
Military, 1864-1953. This is a large collection of military photographs. Included in this collection are several folders pertaining to World War I. Of particular interest in this collection are 18 folders of American Expeditionary Forces photographs that were taken by the Signal Corps and the George Besendorf collection. Boxes 6823-6827, FB 333 and MD 263

Photographs (H2000-014)
Spanish American War and World War I, 1898-1918. This collection consists of military photographs of the Spanish American War and World War I, including Camp Cody, and images of a soldier in uniform. Box 8527 and MD262.

Pitsor, Harold (H2004-024)
WWI Letters, 1918-1919. Letters written by Pitsor to his family in Faith and Red Elm during his military service in New York and France. Box 7945B

Poster Collection (H91-042)
World War I Savings Bond Promotional Poster, 1917. One poster that reads “Women! Help America’s Sons Win the War, Buy U.S. Government Savings Bonds 2nd Liberty Loan of 1917.” MD 63

Poster Collection (H92-066)
World War I Battery C Roster Poster, 1918. One poster with the names of the servicemen in Battery C, 147th F.A., 66th Brigade, 41st Division. MD 263

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Roth, Ernest F. (H83-004)
Diary, 1917-1919. Ernest Roth, from Columbia, South Dakota, enlisted with the South Dakota National Guard and served with the 151st Machine Gun Battalion, Co. D., 42nd Rainbow Division during World War I. This collection consists of a copy of his diary that he kept during his service. Box 3600B

Sorenson, James R. (H2004-011)
In World War I and World War II, 1917-1945. Sorenson, a South Dakota native, served in World War I and World War II. He kept journals during his tours and his descendants have copied these journals and combined them with his photographs. Box 3374B

Sachtjen, Herbert (H99-067) RESTRICTED
Letters, August 1918-January 1919. Herbert Sachtjen was stationed at Camp Funston in Kansas and wrote letters to his brother living in Jordan, South Dakota.

South Dakota. Adjutant General. (H82-049)
Selective Service Records, 1917-1918. Statistical sheets that list registrants, inductees, enlistments, exemptions, and rejections by county. Also included is a list of Tripp County citizens who either volunteered or were inducted into service in World War I. Box 3595A

South Dakota Fuel Administration (H82-050)
Report, 1919. W.G. Bickelhaupt, head of the Fuel Administration, reported on the activities of the Administration during World War I. Box 3592A

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South Dakota. Governor Frank Byrne (H74-190)
Records, 1913-1916. Includes general correspondence, correspondence concerning military affairs, and proclamations. Boxes 3529A-3530A

South Dakota. Governor Peter Norbeck. (H74-185)
Records, 1917-1921. Includes correspondence relating to the State Council of Defense, local county exemption boards, State Coal Mine and State Coal Commission, highways and State Highway Commission, schools, legislative issues, and soldiers releases from military service; military applications and letters of endorsement; and nominating petitions for the governorship in 1918. Boxes 3499A-3502B

South Dakota National Guard (H74-028, H98-029)
Papers, 1885-1981. The 1st South Dakota Cavalry was organized in 1916 as the 5th South Dakota Infantry, but changed to cavalry in 1917. The 1st Cavalry was sent to Camp Cody, N.M. where it was split up. One folder in this collection contains a roster of the 1st South Dakota Cavalry. The 147th Field Artillery Regiment was organized in 1917 as part of the 41st Division until the regiment was sent to France. There are numerous folders in this collection pertaining to the 147th F.A. and World War I. The 3rd Bat. of the 4th Infantry was mobilized and charged with guarding parts of the state. South Dakota also organized a Home Guard to protect the state after the National Guard was mobilized. The History Commission was created after the war in order to compile an account of South Dakota during the war. There are several folders of information on the commission and correspondence with Joseph Mills Hanson, who was hired to write the history. The Digest of Opinions of the Judge Advocate General of the Army for January –March, 1918 is also included in this collection. An undated World War I roster broadside that contains the names of officers and enlisted men of Battery C, 147th F.A. 66th Brigade, 41st (Sunset) Div. is included with the oversize items. Boxes 3657A-3672, MD67

South Dakota National Guard (MF 40)
Rosters, 1885-1917. This includes a listing of the names, ranks, dates and locations of appointments for commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers. It also includes a register of men who transferred, were discharged or died. The register of enlisted men has an index and includes the name, rank, date of enlistment, age, occupation, address, discharge date and remarks. MF 1765

South Dakota National Guard (MF 40)
Rosters, 1908-1917. The roster includes the name, rank, date of enlistment, location of birth, maritial status, physical description, occupation, present address, discharge date, and remarks. Index is included. MF 1766

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South Dakota World War I Book (H87-003)
Correspondence, 1935. Correspondence to and from Wright Tarbell regarding the South Dakota World War I book. Box 3749A

United States. Chief of Military History (MF 505)
Official Lineage and Battle Honors Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 147th Field Artillery Group and 643d Field Artillery Battalion. Includes organization dates, reorganization dates, muster and demobilization dates, location of home station, and campaign streamers. MF 1848

United War Work Campaign (H74-013)
World War I Activities Papers, 1917-1921. This collection consists of assorted papers and correspondence regarding the activities of the United War Work Campaign. Boxes 3377B-3378A

Young, Benjamin H. (H91-009)
Collection, 1919, 1921. This collection consists of documents relating to the Burial of the Unknown Soldier at Washington, 1921. Young was the official South Dakota Representative at the ceremony. Box 3997A and FB 373.

Wales, Boyd (H59-001)
Papers, 1916-1927. Wales served in the military during the Mexican Border affair and during World War I. These papers consist of letters, telegrams, certificates and citations, newsletters, pamphlets and newspaper clippings pertaining to his military service. Box 3649A and MD 63

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Ward, Andy (H86-040)
Photograph Collection, 1907-1932. This collection consists of miscellaneous postcards, a booklet on Lemmon’s 25th Anniversary, articles on Indian Pete Culbertson, and a World War I draft card. Box 5719

Westover, Charles (H95-009)
Letters and Diary, 1917-1919. This collection consists of typewritten copies of letters and diaries belonging to Westover who was a private in Co. C, 117th Field Battalion Signal Corps, 42nd Rainbow Division. Box 5992A

Wiedemer, Ila (H90-040)
Collection, 1919. Consists of one postcard of Private Thomas Eugene Smith in uniform. Box 5516B

World War I (H2005-037)
“Where do we go from here?” booklet, 1919. This booklet was for discharged soldiers returning home after the war. It gives advice on disability compensation, back pay, allotments to dependents, uniforms, decorations and employment. Box 6957B

World War I (H74-013)
World War I State Activities Papers, 1917-1921. This collection consists of thirteen folders of correspondence relating to South Dakota’s contribution to the war effort. Box 3377B-3378A

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World War I (H75-209)
Diary, 1918. This diary was written by an unknown soldier during World War I. The entries in the diary are brief and describe troop movements. Box 3543B

WWI diary

World War I (H75-581M or MF 505)
Bonus Payroll, undated. Includes a list of names and payroll numbers. MF 1848

World War I (H82-057)
Liberty Loan items, 1919. Consists of Liberty Loan Organization correspondence and a September 8, 1919 edition of The Liberty Bell. Box 3599B

World War I (H88-047)
Sheet Music, 1912-1919. Sheet music that was written during the war and published between 1912 and 1919. FB 68

World War I (H96-042)
Postcards,1919. The postcards contain views of the following: soldiers marching, on firing range, in groups posing, and resting; a panoramic view of the camp; and a view of a row of tents in camp. Box 6632B

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World War I (H2002-018)
Company A., 30th Machine Gun Battalion Photograph, [1914-1919]. This panoramic photograph is undated and the location is unknown. The only soldier identified is Pete Froke. MD 262

World War I (H2003-010)
Pilots Association Photograph, 1972. This collection consists of five 3x4 photographs of World War I pilots and veterans. The location and date of the photographs is unknown. The only people identified are Emil Lorricks and A.M. Haskell. Box 8539A

World War I (MF 505)
Crow Creek Veterans, undated. Handwritten list of names of Crow Creek Veterans of World War I, World War II and the Korean War. MF1848

World War I (MF 505)
Scrapbook, 1916-1919. Microfilmed copy of a 188 page scrapbook created by Helen Sorensen of Oahe, South Dakota. The pages consist of newspaper clippings from Hughes County newspapers, which includes a draft list. MF 1848

World War I (SC 20)
Miscellaneous Material . This collection consists of The Home Sector, a pamphlet entitled “What Your Money is Doing for Your Boys,” and a blank certificate issued by the South Dakota State Council of Defense to the family and friends of a soldier who made the supreme sacrifice. MD 63

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Britten, Thomas A. American Indians in World War I : at home and at war. Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 1999, c1997.

Huisdekoper, Frederic Louis. The history of the 33rd A.E.F. Springfield : Illinois State Historical Library, 1921.

Jones County war veterans past and present : from the Civil War to the Persian Gulf War (1861-1991). Murdo, S.D. : Veterans Service Office, South Dakota Veterans Dept., [1995]

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Kludt, August. 50th Anniversary Veterans Salute. Wessington Springs, S.D. : Willman-Free Post 14, American Legion, 1968.

Langellier, J. Phillip. Fix bayonets : the U.S. infantry from the American Civil War to the surrender of Japan. London: Greenhill Books; Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books, 1998.

Roster of the One Hundred and Sixteenth supply train ; forty-first division; formerly fourth South Dakota Infantry. Charlotte N.C. : Observer Printing House, 1917.

Roster of Maine in the military service of the United States and allies in the World War, 1917-1919. Augusta, ME : [s.n.], 1929.

Roster of Vermont men and women in the military and naval service of the United State and allies in the world war, 1917-1919.
Montpelier, VT : [Rutland : The Tuttle Co.], 1927.

World War I. South Dakota Historical Collections. South Dakota State Historical Society: Pierre, S.D.

World War I Pilots. Wi-Iyohi. South Dakota State Historical Society: Pierre, S.D.

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Armistice Day Programs, 1964, 1966-1967
Baltzer, United States vs. (anti draft WWI)
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World War I
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