Fourth Grade School Census

Please send the completed Excel Database to the State Archives by May 2, 2014


School CensusOur goal is that by the end of this project fourth grade students will appreciate the importance of collecting and storing information for future use.  Students will gain a better understanding of their relevance in relation to the history of their school, community, and state.  It is hoped that students will conclude this project with a better understanding and sense of their own past, present, and future. 

School CensusThe archives goal is to get 1,000 fourth grade students to take the census this year. To help reach that goal, the State Archives will again offer a free presentation of historical images of South Dakota to one of the fourth grade classes that took the census.

Some time during the school year fourth grade students will fill out the census forms provided by the South Dakota State Historical Society – State Archives.  Once the forms are completed the students can compile their answers and determine the statistical composition of their class’s answers.    

Please, do not send the individual census forms to the State Archives.

The students can take their census data and the class statistics home with them to share with their families. The teachers should store the census information in their classroom. As time progresses, a period of years, students will be able to see the changes that have taken place at their grade level from past years.