On the Road
The South Dakota State Historical Society offers suitcase education kits and traveling exhibitions to communities throughout South Dakota.

Suitcase Education Kits
Suitcase education kits bring hands-on object, ready-to-use worksheets, and activities to classrooms and other groups across the state. Activities are matched to South Dakota K-6 Department of Education Standards. Kits cover fourteen different topics from South Dakota history.

Rental Information
Kits rent for a two-week period for $23.00 and be sent anywhere in South Dakota. Borrower is responsible for return shipping, either through the post office or via UPS.

For more information or to schedule a kit please contact
Ronette Rumpca at 605-773-6011.

Click here for more information the Suitcase Education Kits.

Traveling Exhibits
Each exhibit contains easy-to-install free-standing kiosks, ideal for display both indoors and outdoors.

Rental Information
Traveling exhibits are available for up to eight weeks. The cost is $75.00 rental fee plus the cost of shipping from the site.

For more information or to book an exhibit please contact
Kate Vandel or call 605-773-4373

Click here for more information the Traveling Exhibits.


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