SD Historic Preservation Commissions (SDHPC) Listserv

The SDHPC listserv was established to strengthen the preservation network in South Dakota. The listserv provides historic preservation commission members with a way to communicate directly with other commission members throughout the state. It also gives SHPO a faster means to notify commissions about the latest grant and training opportunities, preservation alerts, technical resources or publications, and other helpful information.

Anyone with an historic preservation interest is encouraged to subscribe to the listserv. You need not be a member of a commission.

How do I subscribe to the SDHPC listserv?
Send an e-mail as follows:
Subject: leave blank
Message: subscribe SDHPC FirstName LastName

NOTE: If you have an automatic signature, you must delete it before sending the ‘subscribe’ message. Nothing else should be in the body of the message besides the subscribe command. Also, commands are not case-sensitive. You may use upper or lower case or both.

You will receive a message indicating that your request has been forwarded to the list owner for approval. Approval can take anywhere from a few minutes to a week depending on if the list owner is in the office. Once approved, a welcome message will be sent informing you that you are subscribed. Additional directions on how to use the listserv will be included in that message.

How do I post/send a message?
Send an e-mail as follows:
To: (Use this address only for posting messages!)
Subject: Please make sure to include a brief but meaningful notation, do not leave blank.
Message: Type your question or comment.

PLEASE NOTE: Mail is sent to a single address and listserv distributes it to all the subscribers. Replying to a message does the same thing. Please keep discussions civil and constructive. Heated or non-constructive comments will not be tolerated and may result in that person’s subscription being revoked.

My e-mail address changed. How do I make the change on the SDHPC?
Subject: leave blank
Message: change sdhpc newaddress

How do I unsubscribe from SDHPC?
Subject: leave blank
Message: unsubscribe SDHPC
When you leave the list, a farewell message will be sent informing you that you are unsubscribed.

I’m going to be traveling and don't want SDHPC messages to pile up in my Inbox.
Subject: leave blank
Message: set sdhpc nomail

How do I start receiving SDHPC message again?
Subject: leave blank
Message: set sdhpc mail

Is there an archives of past listserv messages?
Yes. Go to SDHPC Archives.
Click on ‘Search the archives’.
Choose the method by which you would like to search. (If you choose by date, please note that the listserv searches using the international date format of yy/mm/dd.)
Choose how you want the list sorted.
Click on ‘Submit’.
Click on the item number of the message you would like to read.

For SDHPC assistance, contact Cindy Snow by e-mail or phone at (605) 773-2907.

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