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Archaeological Research Center Staff

Jim Haug, Director and State Archaeologist (email:
Jim Donohue, Asst. State Archaeologist (email:
Mike Fosha, Asst. State Archaeologist (email:
David Williams, Senior Archaeologist (email:
Dan Byrne, Archaeologist (email:
Dave Holst, Archaeologist (email:
Roger Williams, Archaeologist (email:
Matt Busch, Archaeologist (email:
Katie Lamie, Repository Manager (email:
Terri Bruce, GIS Coordinator (email:
Jane Watts, Archaeological Records Coordinator (email:
Nan Halvorson, Accounting Assistant (email:
Susan Hunt, Secretary (email:

217 Kansas City St., Rapid City, SD 57701  Map  or PO Box 1257, Rapid City, SD 57709-1257
Ph. 1-605-394-1936 Fax 1-605-394-1941

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