Yankton Agency (.pdf)

This Agency, often spelled "Yancton," was created in 1859 for the Yankton people. Agency headquarters were located on the Missouri River near Greenwood in present day Charles Mix County in South Dakota. The Yankton agent was in charge of the Santee Agency from April, 1877 through June, 1878.

Headmen included Struck-by-the-Ree, Mad Bull, White Swan, War Eagle, Black Eagle, Pretty Rock, and Feather-in-his-ear (Feather Necklace), Smutty Bear, Iron Bear, Medicine Cow, Jumping Thunder, The Left Hand or Crazy Walker, and Walking Elk.

Like the Sisseton Reservation, the Yankton Reservation land base was lost as a direct result of the Dawes Allotment Act. Seventy-five percent of the Indians who received fee patents sold their land and spent the proceeds. It too is now considered an "open reservation" because the land base is not consolidated.

Today the 40,000 acres of tribal land are located on the east bank of the Missouri River in southeastern South Dakota in Charles Mix County. Fort Randall Dam and Fort Randall Chapel are popular tourist attractions.