Women's History Collection: A

Abild, Ethel Dowdell Papers (H92-95, H92-96, H92-97) 1 cubic foot

Abild was a teacher and principal at several schools in eastern South Dakota before accepting the post of State Director of the Professional and Service Division of the Work Projects Administration, a position she held for 10 years. She was affiliated with the South Dakota Historic Writers Association, the Mitchell Art Study Club, Westerners International, and Pierre University Women. The collection is divided into three series: historical and travel manuscripts (1926-1988); personal papers (1913-1988); and musical arrangements (1961-1974).

Abbott, Hazel Belle Papers (H74-71) 13 cubic feet

Correspondence, Abbott family business records, clippings, manuscripts, research notes, and photographs, 1875-1970. Abbott was born in Bon Homme County, received her BA at Yankton College, and her Ph.D. from Columbia University. She devoted her last years to compiling a history of Bon Homme County.

Adams, Elsie Hammill Scrapbook (H82-28) 1 scrapbook

Scrapbook created by Adams, who was born in Miller in 1883, contains calling cards, paper dolls, and various other cutouts of birds and flowers.

Adams, J. C. Papers (H88-54) 30 pages

Photocopies of original letters, some of which were written by South Dakota State Senator J. C. Adams to his second wife, Irene, in Webster, 1887-1901. Topics of the letters include the greed of land speculation in Pierre and the surrounding area during opening of the Great Sioux Reservation, a visit to the Pierre Indian school that was under construction, temperance legislation, his hotel accommodations while in the capital city, and her suggestions regarding legislation for women.

Alkaire, Elizabeth Scrapbooks (H76-51) 2 folders

Newspaper clippings, ca. 1934-1948 (few items relevant to South Dakota); a sale bill from 1849; some family genealogical information; and pressed flora from Sullivan County, Indiana ca. 1901.

American Association of University Women Records (H94-75, H99-051, H99-136, H2001-061, H2002-036) 11.5 cubic feet

Minutes, a history of the SDAAUW, branch program booklets, by-laws, policies, branch reports, committee reports, workshop materials, officer lists, project files, correspondence, membership records, Rapid City Branch Records;1927-2000, scrapbooks and newsclippings ca. 1926-2000.

American Legion Auxiliary, Hughes County #745 Records (H2003-025) 0.5 cubic feet

This collection consists of minutes, reports, scrapbooks and correspondence for the years 1971-2003.

American Legion Auxiliary, SD Dept Records (H80-6, H95-41) 11 cubic feet

History, scrapbook, yearbooks, manuals, lists of officers, South Dakota Legionette, and miscellaneous, 1921-1982. Department of South Dakota histories, 1987-1993 consisting of typewritten pages and five 5x7 color photographs of the former presidents of the organization. These records document the annual events and membership.

American Mothers, Inc., SD Chapter Poster (H99-148) 1 item

South Dakota Mothers Hall of Fame Poster, 1943-1989; lists names of those inducted into the South Dakota Mothers Hall of Fame.

Amundson, Helen Matilda Jacobson Papers (H96-18) 7 items

Six color photocopies of original photographs and fifteen pages of typewritten transcripts of a Jerauld County homesteading reminiscence. Included in the reminiscence are names of neighbors, stories of prairie fires and blizzards, and experiences of daily life in Dakota during the 1800s. The use of this collection is restricted to "not for profit" reproduction, publishing or exhibition.

Anderson, Carol Young Papers (H92-120, H92-121, H92-122) 4 cubic feet

Anderson’s papers, ranging from 1943 to 1984, document her activities in the Democratic Party, the League of Women Voters, and the 1975 United Nations proclamation of the International Women’s Year.

Anding, Lizzette Teacher’s Certificate (H76-40) 1 item

Teacher's certificate issued by the Dakota Territory Department of Education in 1883 certifying that Anding attended State Normal School at Winona, Minnesota.

Andresen, Mera Papers (H94-27) 2 items

Consists of a University of South Dakota Alumni Association Certificate issued to Mrs. Andresen in 1969 celebrating the class of 1919’s 50th year reunion, and a class reunion picture.

Anthony, Susan B. Letter (H86-22) 1 item

Letter to Mrs. L. E. Wimans of Highmore, South Dakota, December 21, 1897, describing problems of the day and the women’s suffrage movement.

Ault, Barbara Family Letters (H88-5) 2 folders, 40-50 pages

Letters written to Barbara Ault of Monroe, Wisconsin, by her aunt, Catherine Shrake, and her nieces, Maggie and May Shrake, 1884-1891. The letters describe pioneer life in Brule County. Ault’s son transcribed the letters and provided notes, editorial comments, and family history. The Shrakes seemed to have prospered in Dakota, as the general tone of the letters is positive.

Aurora-Brule Porkettes Club Records (H97-22, H99-061) 1.1 cubic ft.

Three scrapbooks containing club memorabilia, 1989-1991; newspaper articles, photographs, and the club by-laws. This club is an affiliate of the South Dakota Pork Council Women, an affiliate of the National Pork Council, a group which promotes pork production in the United States.

Austin, Guy Warren Papers (H95-21) 13 cubic ft.

Family photographs and genealogical research materials ranging from the 1800s to 1978 documenting the Hurd and Austin families. Photographs include portraits, families, and leisure actives. Extensive family group sheets, pedigree charts, and background material provide a detailed account of this Madison man’s lineage.