Women's History Collection: B

Babcock, Cora D Reminiscence (H75-48)

A succinct account of five years, 1880-1885, of homesteading near Mitchell by a lone woman.

Bangs, Eva Audio Recordings (H76-98) 2 items

Audio cassettes of Mrs. Eva H. Bangs with her niece Miriam Arozena, October 1974, describing life in Rapid City and her family.

Bean, Mrs. Frank C. Letters (H75-403) 6 letters

Six letters, written in 1877 and 1878, relating to the death of Mrs. Bean’s husband, a freighter traveling between Yankton, Fort Pierre, and the Black Hills. The proprietors of the Grand Central Hotel in Fort Pierre wrote to Mrs. Bean advising her that her husband was gravely ill, and a month later he died. The letters pertain to Mr. Bean’s freighting team and to settling debts incurred during his illness.

Belknap, Anna Letter (H76-3) 1 item

Letter describing family activities written in 1888 by Rapid City resident Anna Belknap, to her cousin, Clark Belknap in Auburn, Iowa. Clark was 11 1/2 years old when he received the letter, and Anna’s age is not known.

Benson, Hazel Manuscript (H88-31) 1 item

This two-page manuscript, written ca. 1950 and entitled "Things My Grandma Told Me," consists of stories told to Benson by her grandmother which describe life in 19th-century South Dakota and Minnesota. Dates and precise locations are poorly supplied. The South Dakota portion of the recollections may have occurred in or near the town of Harrison in Douglas County.

Berry, G. Cleve Family Photographs (H92-22) approximately 400 items

Ranging from 1914 through 1945, this collection consists of 35mm negatives of original photographs retained by the Berry family. G. Cleve Berry, brother of South Dakota Governor Tom Berry, and his wife Jessie Iddings located on a ranch 24 miles west of White River in 1914. These photographs provide an excellent view of the Berry family, ranching and West river geography during a time period which is not yet extensively documented. Any reproduction, other than photocopies, must be approved by the Berry family.

Bettelyoun, Susan Bordeaux Papers (H92-11) 1 microfilm reel

Microfilm edition of original papers held by the Nebraska State Historical Society. Susan Bordeaux was born in 1857 to fur trader James Bordeaux and Huntkalutawin, a Brule Lakota woman. She grew up near Fort Laramie, Wyoming and was educated at Hamburg, Iowa. In her final years she lived at the Old Soldiers Home at Hot Springs, South Dakota. Here she met Josephine Waggoner, a Hunkpapa Lakota also of mixed-descent, who assisted Bordeaux in producing the manuscripts in this collection during the 1930s and early 1940s. Waggoner was interested in collecting the stories of "old timers," and Bettelyoun, though unable to write due to rheumatism, wanted to correct what she saw as the flawed and incomplete white history of the west.

Bishop, Mrs. E.M. Papers (H74-133) 8 cubic feet

Letters, household and livestock account books, art work, scrapbooks, writings, and photographs created or collected by Bishop, ca. 1891-1938. Edna Sturtevant Bishop wrote poetry and short stories, some of which were published by magazines of the time. She also wrote for the Huron newspaper. The Bishops lived in Huron before moving to Fort Pierre in 1927. Letters between Edna and her husband Karl document economic hardships experienced by the family during the Depression. Other letters in the collection reveal Edna’s difficult relationship with her mother and relationships of the Bishop children, Allen and Mary Jane.

Blair, John Photographs (H96-45) approximately 220 items

188 glass plate negatives, 28 photographs, and several documents, ca. 1880-1919, 1940s. Blair was a photographer around Andrus in Bon Homme County. Included are numerous family and individual portraits as well as pictures of farm and leisure activities.

Blake, Laura Letter (H74-147) 1 letter

A single-page letter from Laura Blake of Pierre, to Mrs. J. W. DuBois of Oahe, South Dakota in 1924. Blake is accepting a position in the school.

Borglum, Emma Vignal Manuscript (H75-71) 1 item

A copy of an original manuscript in the custody of the Library of Congress in which Borglum describes a four month stay at Crow Creek Indian Reservation, 1899. Emma was the wife of sculptor, Solon Borglum.

Bos, Josephine F. S. Music Manuscripts (H96-39) 2 items

Handwritten music manuscripts entitled "A Lullaby" and "Baby’s Pony," undated. Lyrics are by Josephine F. S. Bos and music is by G. van der Wal. Bos was a graduate of Pierre High School in 1924.

Bower Family Papers (H91-78 and H97-12) 3 items

Photograph of the original Family Band, including Sidney, Nettie, Lulu, Rose, Mayo, Alice (Od), Father, Mother, Laura, and Quinnie Bower and a print of the cast of characters in Walt Disney’s 1968 production titled, The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band. Disney’s film was based on the book, The Family Band, written by Laura Bower Van Nuys, which detailed the Bower’s life in early Dakota. A later addition to this collection includes sheet music entitled, "My Little Boy’s Eyes," 1929, with words and music by Laura Bower Van Nuys.

Boyd, John Family Photographs (H96-22) 6 photograph albums

Photographs documenting three generations of a Lakota family of mixed descent from the Rosebud Reservation, ca. 1920-1990 (bulk 1940s and 1950s).

Breeden, Jane Rooker Papers (H74-22) 1 cubic feet

Correspondence, notes, manuscripts, and other papers relating to the woman suffrage and temperance movements in South Dakota and Illinois, 1870-1922.

Brennan, John R. Family Papers (H72-2) 2 cubic feet

The bulk of this collection dates from the period 1900-1917 when Major Brennan was Superintendent of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Material from the years previous to 1900 is from the Brennans' residence and business (Hotel Harney) in Rapid City. Items dating after Major Brennan's death in 1919 were collected by his wife, Jennie L. Brennan, and his family. Many family photographs.

Burke, Charles H. Family Papers (H86-16) 1/3 cubic foot relates to Burke’s daughter, Josephine.

Correspondence, diary, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, genealogical records, and family photographs, 1808-1980.

Burnett, Elizabeth C. Manuscript (H74-98) 68 typewritten pages

A manuscript entitled "History of the Red Cross Seal Commission of South Dakota--South Dakota Association--The South Dakota Tuberculosis Association." The manuscript was compiled by Elizabeth C. Burnett, with the assistance of Elizabeth M. Palmer, and covers the period from 1913 through 1939.

Byrne, Frank M. Family Papers (H92-98) 1 linear inch

This collection, largely photographs, relates to South Dakota Governor Byrne and his family.