Women's History Collection: F

Faulkton Tuesday Club Records (H90-91) 3/4 cubic foot

Organized in January 1896, the club was instituted to stimulate intellectual and social culture among its members. This collection contains yearly agenda booklets, 1941-1944, and a 75th anniversary booklet, 1971-1972, which describe the club's activities during its existence.

Fletcher, Hazel Papers (H90-103) 1 cubic foot

Approximately 1100 photographs and a limited amount of papers, including address books, correspondence, and marriage, military, and death records. Fletcher operated the Green Door brothel in Deadwood from the 1950s through 1980. Images include various women who worked for Fletcher as well as a large set of photographs taken at a World War II Army-Air Force facility in Alaska during the 1940s.

Foster, Mrs. S. C. Letters (H74-132) 3 items

In three short letters to a friend (Ellen Grindull) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Serena Foster discusses life on the family farm near Highmore, 1905-1906.

Frantz, Rosebud Yellow Robe Papers (H75-11, H95-4) 23 items

Miscellaneous papers concerning the Yellow Robe and Franz families, 1910-75. Rosebud was the daughter of Chauncey Yellow Robe, a well-known chief of the Sicangu Lakota. Includes photographs of Rosebud Yellow Robe and her family including her sisters Chauncina and Evelyn, ca. 1935-1985.

French, Mrs. Letter (H75-346) 1 item

In a personal letter to her daughter, Mrs. French discusses, among other matters, the soil and the agricultural potential of the Blunt, South Dakota area.

French, Mrs. Kathryn M. Manuscripts (H75-252) 6 items

Manuscripts in which French expresses her views on education, ca. 1906-1909. French was a Union County school teacher, county superintendent of schools, and a deputy county auditor.

Furrey, Louisa Whiting Papers (H92-129 and 130) 2/3 cubic foot

This collection provides insight into the lives of a mixed-descent Lakota family living on the Rosebud Reservation at Hidden Timber. Consists of correspondence, land records, family documents (1864-1991, largely 1865-1925) and photographs (1880-1991, largely 1900-1930). Louisa was the daughter of Edward Lemoyne and Mary Herman Whiting. She taught in rural schools in Nebraska and Todd County prior to her marriage to Harry Furrey in 1929.