Women's History Collection: R

Republican Party, South Dakota Central Committee Records (H95-22) 1 cubic foot of Women’s Division records

Women’s Division files, 1956-1970, are included within the general subject files.

Riggs Family Papers (H74-18) 8 cubic feet

Thomas L. Riggs, a Congregational minister who entered the missionary field in 1872, operated Oahe Mission and Industrial School north of Pierre, ministering to the Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Reservation Lakota. Included in this collection are listings of native helpers, church records noting marriages and baptisms, records of church members and ministers, and copies of articles written by Margaret L. Riggs relating to women’s work among the Sioux.

Ringsrud, Olive A. Papers (H74-70) 1 1/3 cubic feet

Correspondence, scrapbooks, and news clippings, 1938-1971. Born in Union County in 1892, Ringsrud taught school for 25 years before being elected Secretary of State in 1938. She was reelected in 1940 and defeated in the Senate primary in 1942.

Robinson, Doane Papers (H74-9) 3 items

Folder 240 contains a two page manuscript, "The Woman Power of South Dakota Through Registration," dated December 29, 1917. Folder 54 contains a letter to L. N. Crill, February 4, 1922, giving a brief sketch of the women's suffrage movement in South Dakota from 1872 to 1898. Folder 52 contains correspondence with several state Woman’s Christian Temperance Union officials concerning funding of the memorial statue to Mother Sherrard in the South Dakota State Capitol (1908-1915).

Rowe, Edith Davis Papers (H88-43) 4 items, approximately 150 pages

Biographical accounts of John Davis, Walter Rowe, Lucy Davis, and Edith Rowe written by Edith Rowe. Rowe's family were Aurora county pioneers who came to Dakota in 1884. Her father, John Davis, served the state legislature from 1889 through 1891. Edith received a teaching degree from Madison Normal School and taught in Armour before joining the Pierre school system. Her husband, Walter Rowe, was instrumental in bringing telephone service to Pierre and Fort Pierre. These manuscripts provide an interesting account of pioneer life in Dakota Territory and early South Dakota.

Rutledge Family History (H82-67) 1 item, 212 pages

A handwritten account of the Thomas Simms Rutledge branch of the Rutledge Family Record and History, written by Fred S. Rutledge in 1958. The manuscript describes the family’s homesteading ventures in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Parkston, Delmont, and Woonsocket are mentioned.