Image Use Fees & Form
(one time use charged per image/ effective December 3, 2012)

Image Use Form

Use fees are charged in addition to Scan/Reproduction fees

Private use, public lectures, classroom instruction, or research

No use fees

South Dakota State Historical Society members

No use fees up to 10 images per project
Become a SDSHS Member

Not-For-Profit Fees*:

In-state: no fee;   Out-of-state $10.00

For-Profit Fees:

In-state:$10;   Out-of-state: $25

: $30

South Dakota State, local, and tribal agencies
No fee

Non-South Dakota Government Agency:

*Not-for-profit Organizations must provide the SDSHS with proof of not-for-profit status.

The SDSHS charges use fees to support the preservation and maintenance of its collections.

Use fees are to be paid at the time of purchase and are non-refundable.

Revised editions and multiple languages constitute a reuse and must be applied for in writing

The SDSHS reserves the right to refuse to grant use permission and/or provide reproductions to anyone who has not complied with our policies.

The SDSHS reserves the right to waive use fees, on an individual basis, at the discretion of either the Society Director or program officer. Such waiver of fees can be made only upon approval of written application.

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