SD Statewide Historic Preservation Plan
2011 - 2015

Communities across South Dakota have embraced their historic properties as a way to promote themselves to potential visitors, businesses, and residents. From the distinctive quartzite buildings in Dell Rapids to the bustling streets of downtown Deadwood,
residents recognize that their historic buildings, structures, or sites are a significant factor in distinguishing their community and giving it its character and charm. Historic preservation therefore promotes among other things civic pride, economic development, tourism, and sustainability. These multifaceted benefits are why historic preservation is an important community revitalization strategy.

With that in mind, the intent of this plan is to serve as a guide for historic preservation efforts undertaken by a variety of individuals and organizations, not just the staff of the South Dakota State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). Like the places they protect,
South Dakota’s preservationists are a diverse group. People from all walks of life contribute both directly and indirectly to the daily business of understanding and saving historic places. While no technique or method exists to solve every preservation challenge, this plan establishes priorities and direction for historic preservation in South Dakota over the next five years, from January 2011 through December 2015.

    Statewide Preservation Plan, 2011-2015