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Political Organizations

The Oceti Sakowin or Seven Council Fires (the Sioux)
Political Division Reservation Location Dialect Division Geographic Division
Teton   Lakota Western
a. Oglala: They Scatter Their Own Pine Ridge
b. Sincangu: Burned Thighs Rosebud and Lower Brule
c. Hunkpapa: End of the Circle Standing Rock
d. Miniconju: Planters Beside the Stream Cheyenne River
e. Sihasapa: Black Foot (not Algonquian) Cheyenne River
f. Oohenunpa: Two Kettles Cheyenne River
g. Itazipco: Without Bows Cheyenne River
Yankton   Nakota Middle
a. Yankton: End of Camp Circle Dwellers Yankton
b. Yanktonais: Little End Dwellers Crow Creek
Santee   Dakota Eastern
a. Mdewakanton: People of Spirit Lake Flandreau
b. Wahpeton: Leaf Dwellers Sisseton
c. Sisseton: People of the Marsh Sisseton
d. Wahpekute: Leaf Shooters Flandreau

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