Biographical File Index

The Biographical File collection consists of various information collected on specific individuals.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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C- Miscellaneous

Cacavas, John

Cachlin, Justin (Old Frenchy)

Cahalan, Arthur Bertrum

Cahota, Edward Day May

Caille, Louis

Calamity Jane (see also, Canary, Martha)

Caldwell, Irene

Calhoun, Clyde

California Joe

Calkins, Franklin Welles

Cameron, Curt

Cameron, John D.

Camfield Lewis

Campbell, Albert W.

Campbell, Colin

Campbell, Hardy Webster

Campbell, Hugh J.

Campbell, Sarah

Canaday, Dayton

Canary, Arthur

Canary, Martha Jane (see also Calamity Jane)

Capes, Katie (Drought)

Capp, Carol Knutson

Carland, Judge John Emmett

Carlson, Edwin

Carlson, Henry

Carlson, Leslie “Les”

Carlton, C.H.

Carmody, Janice Winifred

Carpenter, Eloise Smith

Carpenter, George W.

Carr, Robert V.

Carruth, Hayden

Carson, Kit

Carter, A.L.

Carter, Dr. Rosa Roberto

Carter, Judge J.W.

Cartner, Ronald

Caruthers, Darrell

Carver, W.F. (Doc)

Case, Francis

Case, Leland

Case, Senator Francis

Casey, Robert J.

Cash, Joseph

Cash, Joseph H.

Cassil, C.H. (State Treasurer)

Castle, William E.

Catlin, George

Catron, Marjorie

Cavalier, L. E.

Chalmers, James

Chamberlain, A. E.

Chamberlain, William Perry

Chapman Family

Chapman, Raymond Y.

Chapman, William

Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste

Chardon, Francois A.

Charger, Martin


Chase, Isaac H.

Chasing Bear, Wm O’Connor

Chasing Eagle, James

Chassell, J.R.

Chenoweth, Richard Rolin

Chicoine, David

Chidwick, Rev. John P.

Chief Eagle, Dallas

Childers, Leta Nolan

Chilson, Herman

Chittick, Douglas

Choteau Family

Choteau, Clement/Claymore

Church, Louis

Christensen, C.

Christensen, David

Christensen, Esther

Christensen, Howard

Christenson, Cleo M.

Christopherson, C. A.

Christopherson, F.G.

Christopherson, Fred C.

Church, Louis K.

Churchill, Edward Perry

Churchhills (Connecticut)

Clark, Anna Morris

Clark, Badger

Clark, Cushman

Clark, David W.

Clark, Henry Clay

Clark, Lester

Clark, Rev. Charles Badger

Clark, S. Cushman

Clarkson, Al

Clay, Edward

Claymore, Basil

Cleaver, Vera

Cleberg, Harry

Cleghorn, Dr. Adam

Cleghorn, Dan O.

Clem, Alan L.

Clement/Claymore Families

Clement, Amanda

Cleveland, Cynthia

Clifford, Henry/Mortimer

Clifford, Inez

Clifford, Sylvester

Clinton, Bill (Presidential Visit 7/7/99)

Clover, Samuel Travers

Clow, Richmond

Clowser, Don C.

Cloyd, David E.

Coacher, Elgie

Coakley, Sister Colman

Cochran, Byrd J.

Cochran, Byron

Cochrane, Eleanor

Cocke Family

Coddington, M.F.

Cody, William “Buffalo Bill”

Coffield, Lucille

Cogan, Bridget Cole

Cogan, William

Cogell, Elizabeth Cummins

Cole, Cornelius

Cole, Cyrus

Collins Family

Collins, Arthur B

Collins, Charles

Collins, Edward. C.

Collins, E.E.

Collins, Mary

Collins, Paul E.

Collins, William (Photographer)

Colter, John

Conger, Dane

Conklin, Gen. S. J.

Conn, Herb

Conners, Howard

Connolly, Joseph Peter

Cook, Bennett P.

Cook, George W.

Cook, William A.

Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth

Cookley, Sister Coleman

Cooley, Scott

Coolidge Family

Coolidge, Calvin

Coon, Martha Sutherland

Corey, L.E.

Cornell, Carl M.

Cornell, Lois Abbie

Corning, Maj. Gen. Duane (Duke)

Corson, Judge Dighton

Cosgrove, Archie

Costner, Kevin

Cottle, Frank

Cotton, Myrna

Coursey, O. W.

Courtis, William C.

Cowen, Harry

Cox, James

Coyne, Clarence E.

Cracraft, Jane

Craig, James Taylor

Cramer, Marian

Crabdakk, Major C.J.

Crawford, Coe I.

Crawford, John W. (Captain Jack)

Crawford, Nelson A.

Crazy Horse

Creamer, Lee Montelle

Cressey, E.T.

Crevier Family

Crill, Louis N.

Croes, Charles

Crofoot, Carrie M.

Cronau, Rudolf

Cropp, Richard

Cross, Fred J.

Cross, Philitus Noah

Cross, W.R.

Crow, Derrick Don

Crow, Dewey Don

Crow Dog

Crow King

Cudmore, Patrick

Culbertson, Pete

Culp, Vernon H.

Cunnins, Bert

Cummins, Cedric

Cummins, Mary Frances

Cundhill, Frank

Cunmore, Patrick

Custer, Gen. George

Cutler, Steve

Cutter, John J.

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