Vertical File Index

The Vertical File collection consists of various information collected on specific historic topics.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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CCC Camps I, II, III

Cable TV

Calcity (Mining Camp in Meade County)

Calendars - South Dakota  I - V

Cambria, SD

Cameron, SD

Camp Clarke Bridge

Camp Collier

Camp Crook, SD

Camp Rapid

Camp Sheridan

Camp Sturgis

Camp Wanzer

Camp Whitney (ND)

Campbell County

Campgrounds and Camping

Canistota, SD

Canning, SD

Canova, SD

Canton, SD

Canton Indian Asylum (Hiawatha)

Capa, SD

Capitol Building Art

Capitol Building, Dakota Territorial

Capitol Centennial, 2010

Capitol Complex Buildings

Capitol Employee List

Capitol Fights

Capitol Grounds

Capitol Guides

Capitol Lake

Capitol of SD & Capitol Building I - II - III

Carbonate Camp

Carlock, SD

Carlyle, SD

Carpenter, SD

Carter, SD

Carthage, SD

Cascade, SD (Ghost Town)

Castalia, SD (Ghost Town)

Castle Creek

Castle Rock, SD

Castlewood, SD

Catholic Missions

Catholics & Catholic Vote

Cattle & Cattle Drives

Caves, South Dakota & North Dakota

Cavour, SD

Celtic Festival & Highland Games

Cement Plant



Census - SD Indian Reservation 1880

Centennial 1961 (Dakota Territory)

Centennial of Statehood 1989 I - VII

Centennial Farms

Centennial Valley

Centennials in South Dakota

Center for Western Studies (Augustana College, Sioux Falls)

Center (Geographic) Monument

Center Point, SD

Center of Population

Centerville, SD

Central City, SD

Central South Dakota


Chain Saw History

Chamber of Commerce

Chamberlain, SD

Chance, SD

Chapels - Roadside

Charles Mix County

Charles Mix County (Eugene Rhian File)


Chelsea, SD

Cherry Creek Post & Cherry Creek

Chester, SD

Cheyenne - Black Hills Trail (Stage Route)

Cheyenne Agency & Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

Cheyenne Agency Fair & Pageant

Cheyenne City, SD

Cheyenne Crossing

Cheyenne Deadwood Trail Caravan 1965

Cheyenne Indians

Cheyenne River

Cheyenne River Agency History

Cheyenne River Sioux Constitution and By Laws

Chicago - Black Hills Highway

Chicago & Northwestern Railway

Chicago & Northwestern Bridge/ Pierre - 100th Anniversary

Chiefs to Washington 1870's

Children's Home



Chisholm Trail

Christ on the Mountain (Sculpture)

Christmas & Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards, Mount Harney


Church Camps

Churches - SD I - II

Circle Eagle Pictograph



City & County People United

Civil Defense

Civil War I - II

Civil War Monument on Capitol Grounds

Civil War Summary

Civil War TV (Script)

Civilian Conservation Corps

Claim Shanties

Claremont, SD

Clark, SD

Clark County

Clay County

Clear Lake, SD

Clearfield, SD

Clifton, SD

Clocks (Antique)


Coal Mines

Coal Springs (Perkins County)

Codes, Dakota

Codington County

Cold Spring School

Colleges & Universities (South Dakota)

Colman, SD

Colome, SD


Colton, SD

Columbia, SD

Columbus College (Chamberlain, SD)

Comanche (A Horse)

Communists in South Dakota

Composers - South Dakota

Conata, SD

Conde, SD

Confederate Veterans in Dakota 1885

Congregational Church

Congress, U.S.

Congresswomen, U.S. (includes Gladys Pyle)


Conservation Congress 1910 (Pierre)

Constitution, South Dakota

Constitution, U.S. & South Dakota

Constitutional Convention 1883, 1885, 1889

Constitutional & Territorial Officers 1861 - 1975


Cooperative Extension Service

Copp, SD (Ghost Town)

Corn Palace

Cornell, Carl (Stories)

Cornish American, The

Corona, SD


Corporation Laws - Blue Book

Corsica, SD

Corson County

Cosmos (Black Hills Tourist Attraction)

Coteau - Region of South Dakota

Cottonwood, SD

Coulson, SD

Council Rock

Counties, Territorial & State 1862-1948

County Fairs

County Historical Societies

County Histories I - II

County Maps

County Officials Lists

County Seats

Country Schools


Courts in South Dakota I - II

Cowboy Biographies (For Cowboy Hall of Fame)

Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center



Crandall, SD

Crandon, SD

Craven Canyon

Craven Ranch

Crazy Horse, Correspondence 1947

Crazy Horse, Correspondence 1948,1967,1979

Crazy Horse & Crazy Horse Memorial I - VI


Creeks & Rivers (by Counties)

Cresbard, SD

Crippled Children & Crippled Children's Hospital

Crocker, SD

Crook City, SD

Crook's "Horse Meat" March

Crooks, SD

Crouch Railroad Line

Crouch, George "Notes on the Yellowstone (Powder River)" Expedition

Crow Agency (Montana)

Crow Buttes, Battle of

Crow Creek Reservation & Tribe

Crow Lake, SD

Cultural Heritage Center I-II-III

Cultural Heritage Center, Exhibits at I-II-III

Curran Cabin Camp (Black Hills)

Custer Battlefield & Historic Highway I - II

Custer County

Custer Film

Custer, Gen. George A.

Custer, SD I - II

Custer State Park I - II

Cuthbert, SD

Cuyahoga Mine

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