Vertical File Index

The Vertical File collection consists of various information collected on specific historic topics.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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Galena, SD

Galla, SD


Game, Fish & Parks

Gann Valley, SD

Garden City, SD

Gardner Cabin & Abbie Gardner Sharp

Garretson, SD

Garrison Dam & Reservoir

Gary, SD I - II

Gas Belt Expositions, 1907, 1908, 1909

"Gate of Counties" (in Hilgers Gulch)

Gatling Gun

Gavins Point Dam & Reservoir

Gayville, SD

Geddes, SD

Gene-O-Log (SDHS Pub. 1972-1973)

Genealogy I - II

Geographical Centers

Geological Survey

Geology - South Dakota

George, H.T. (stories by)

German Baptist Assoc.

Germans from Russia

Gettysburg, SD

Ghost Dance

Ghost Towns I - III

"Ghost Towns, Black Hills" (by Watson Parker)

Gilbert, SD

Gillette Prairie (Black Hills)

Girl Scouts

Glen, SD

Glendale, SD

Glenham, SD

Gold Discovery

Gold Productions (Black Hills)

Goodwill, SD (Presbyterian Mission)

Goodwin, SD

Gordon Stockade

Gorman, SD

Government Directory, South Dakota

Government - Local

Governor's Awards

Governor's Grove

Governor's Mansion

Governor's Messages

Governor's Territorial

Governor's Wives I - III

Governors, Biographies of

Governors, List of

Grabill, J.C.H. (photo collection)

Grace Mission (Episcopal)

Grain Growers Association

Grand Army of the Republic

Grand Army of the Republic - Vets List

Grand Junction Mine

Grand River Floods

Grandview, SD


Grant County

Grants in Aid to South Dakota




Gray Goose (Dance Hall)


Great lakes of SD Association

Great Plains National Park In South Dakota

Great Plains Resource Center (Proposed)

Greater South Dakota Association I - II

Greater South Dakota Congress, Jan. 1929

Greenwood, SD (Black Hills)

Greenwood, SD (Charles Mix Co.)

Gregory County

Gregory, SD

Grimes, Ballad of Curly (poem)

Grindstone, SD

Grocer's Answer Book

Groseiller and Radisson

Groton, SD

Gunderson Farm Centennial


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