Vertical File Index

The Vertical File collection consists of various information collected on specific historic topics.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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Haakon County


Hair Wreath & Jewelry

Half Way House

Hall of Fame (Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1903)

Hamill, SD

Hamlin County

Hand County


Hanging & Executions (South Dakota)

Hanna, SD

Hanson County

Hanta Yo

Harding County

Harding, SD

Harney Cabin

Harney City, SD (Ghost Town)

Harney Peak

Harrisburg, SD

Harrison, SD

Harrold, SD

Harte, Emmet F. "A Flareback to Nature."

Hartford Beach State Park (includes sketch of Indian burial)

Hartford, SD

Havilecek, SD (Ghost Town)

Hawken Rifle

Hayes, SD

Hayti, SD

Hayward, SD

Hazel, SD


Hecla, SD

Heraldic Art

Herba State Bank

Hermosa, SD

"Heroes of Dakota"

Herreid, SD

Hetland, SD

Heumphreus Ranch



"Hidden City", SD

Hidden Valley Ranch

Hiddenwood State Park

High Plains Heritage Society

Highmore, SD

Highways I-II-III

Highways, Historic I - VI

Hilger's Gulch

Hill City, SD

Hisega Area

Historic Points along the Missouri River (1892 War Dept. Survey)

Historic Points/Markers I-II

Historic Preservation I-II

Historic Sites

Historic Sites (Proposed)

Historic South Dakota Foundation

Historic Trail (5 States)

Historical Societies & Museum in South Dakota

Historical Talks (Will Robinson)

History Day


Holabird, SD

Holmquist, SD

Holy Terror Mine

Home Demonstration Clubs

Homestake Mining Co I-II


Homewood, SD

Honor Flight

Hopewell, SD

Horse or "A man Called Horse"

Horses & Horseracing


Hot Springs, SD I-II-III

Houses, Historic

Hoven, SD

Howard, SD

Howe House

Howell, SD

Hudson Bay Company

Hudson, SD

Hughes County I-II


Humboldt, SD


Hurley, SD

Huron, SD I-II-III

Huron College I-II

Huron, Dakota Territory

Hutchinson County

Hutterites I-II-III

Hyde County

Hydro Electric Power in South Dakota

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