About Us

The Center for Western Studies

Current Officers:
Chair: Lynn Aspaas
Vice Chair: John McIntyre
Secretary: Tony Haga
Deputy Recording Secretary: Martin Oyos
Interim Director/Director of Research Collections/Publications: Dr. Harry Thompson
Director of Outreach/Communication: Tim Hoheisel
Director Emeritus: Dr. Arthur Huseboe
Secretary: Lori Bunjer

 • Academic book publisher of over 70 titles, including:

– A New South Dakota History
– Birding on the Northern Plains
– The Lewis and Clark Expedition: Food, Nutrition, and Health

 • Annual Dakota Conference on the Northern Plains (History, Literature, Art, and Archaeology), the largest annual humanities conference specifically about the Northern Plains (April)
 • Research library of 40,000 volumes and archives of 5,000 linear feet
 • Madsen/Nelson/Elmen Art Galleries with changing exhibits and the annual Artists of the Plains Show and Sale (February)
 • Permanent museum exhibits of Scandinavian and Native American artifacts
 • Boe Forum on Public Affairs, featuring national and international figures such as Colin Powell, Mikhail Gorbachev, Queen Noor, Rudy Giuliani, Al Gore, Vicente Fox, Sandra Day O’Connor
 • Internships, college courses, and workshops

For More Information:
The Center for Western Studies
Augustana College
2001 S. Summit Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57197
(605) 274-4007 or 800-727-2844


Meeting Schedule:
 • Monthly board meetings

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