The Archaeological Research Center is a program of the South Dakota State Historical Society. It is under the direction of the state archaeologist. The Center serves several roles in preserving the archaeological resources of South Dakota. State code requires the Center to maintain records of archaeological sites and projects. To this end, we maintain a database on more than 23,000 archaeological sites and 12,000 projects; our research library contains thousands of archaeological reports and reference documents. The Center's repository houses artifact collections from many agencies, plus photos, slides, maps, and other records. Crews from the Center work across the state on archaeological surveys and other projects for many agencies to assist them in meeting their obligations under federal and state cultural resource protection laws. Additionally, staff members from the Center provide public outreach opportunities through excavation projects, laboratory analysis, and programs to schools and other organizations. The Center has also been a long-term partner with the Journey Museum in Rapid City, which hosts archaeological exhibits based on artifacts from our collections.

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