About Us

Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Society

Current Officers:
President: Skyla Ratzlaff
Vice President: Dolores Stoley
Treasurer: Maurine Bouzek
Secretary: Dee Smith
Corresponding Secretary: Skyla Ratzlaff
Directors: Sandra Cermak (3 years), Jacque McDonnell (2 years) and Marlys Cermak (1 year)

 • Helps people interested in preserving the history of Hyde County and Highmore
 • Helps people interested in genealogy to trace their ancestral lines or lines of descent
 • Provides a better understanding of our state and nation
 • Promotes a better appreciation of our American Heritage
 • Yearly (January-December) membership dues are $7 for Single and $10 for Family, and include subscription to "Tumbleweed" newsletter
 • Participates in the Annual open house event, “Old Settlers Day,” on 3rd Saturday in June

For More Information:
Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Society
PO Box 392
113 Iowa Street S
Highmore, SD 57345
(605) 852-2376

January 29th, 1973

Meeting Schedule:
 • 3rd Saturday of each month

Web site: