About Us

Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Society

Current Officers:
President: Skyla Ratzlaff
Vice President: Dolores Stoley
Treasurer: Maurine Bouzek
Recording Secretary: Alice Buchheim
Treasurer: Maurine Bouzek
Directors: Sandra Cermak, Marlys Cermak and Deanne Smith

 • Helps people interested in preserving the history of Hyde County and Highmore
 • Helps people interested in genealogy to trace their ancestral lines or lines of descent
 • In celebration of South Dakota's 125th anniversary our Old Settlers Display in June featured a walk-through 1930s Depression-Era display. Reproduced photos and relevant objects helped to create the environment. The refreshments served had "Hoover Dam" included.
 • We had an opportunity to actively participate in the decorating of a Christmas Tree at the Capitol in Pierre which featured many handmade ornaments depicting early school days in South Dakota.
 • Our Highmore's First Schoolhouse building which the society maintains continues with upgrading. The main building was scraped and repainted in 2013 and the windows were reglazed and the green trim freshened in Fall 2014. New shutters have been crafted and will be put on in Spring 2015.
 • Yearly (January-December) membership dues are $7 for Single and $10 for Family, and include subscription to "Tumbleweed" newsletter.

For More Information:
Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Society
PO Box 392
113 Iowa Street S
Highmore, SD 57345
(605) 852-2376

January 29th, 1973

Meeting Schedule:
 • 3rd Saturday of each month

Web site: