About Us

Minnehaha Century Fund

Current Officers:
President: Tom Kilian
Vice President: Ron Robinson
Treasurer: Ron Robinson
Secretary: Bruce Blake

 • Seeks to locate the sites at which out ancestors lived and worked, to tell their fascinating history
 • Gathers information on sites to understand how past generations lived and what really happened in their time
 • Seeks to mark sites that can best help us to understand and interpret our history

 • Encourages individuals, families and organizations to contribute to the cost and to contact the Fund, to learn how they may help
 • Assists preservation organizations such as the Minnehaha County Historical Society and other groups
 • Conducts educational programs providing information on Minnehaha County history

For More Information:
Minnehaha Century Fund
2700 S Jefferson
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
(605) 332-2690 or 334-1980


Incorporated: 1990

Meeting Schedule:
 • Board meets monthly on Thursdays at Old Courthouse Museum
 • No meetings: July or August

Web site: