Biographical File Index

The Biographical File collection consists of various information collected on specific individuals.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 


Raap, John

Raasch, Mary E.

Rademacher, Bernard


Raisch, Stella

Rankin, Col. W.G.

Ranney, Dr. Brooks

Ransom, Frank Leslie

Ransom, Ida Putney

Rasmussen, Odeore

Rasmussen, Wayne


Ravoux, Monsignor A.

Raymond, Spencer Family

Read, Olive E.

Reagan, Ronald

Red Cloud

Red Fox, Delphine

Red Iron

Red Tomahawk

Red Shirt, Delphene

Reddin, Gladys M.

Reder, Odo

Redfield, Maj. A.

Redman, Kenneth

Reed Family, “John B.”

Reed, Dr. Henry M.

Reedy, Robert E.

Reese, Sheldon

Reichert, Duane

Reifel, Ben

Reinard, William

Reinecke Family.

Reinhold, Paul Ames

Reisen, Frank

Remde, Frank A.

Rencounte, Zephyr

Reno, Col. M.A.

Rentschler, Jack

Renville, Gabriel

Renville, John B.

Renville, Joseph

Reppe Family

Reutter, Winifred

Reymolds, Charles “Lonesome Charley”

Reynolds, Chas. B.

Rezac, Lela/Henry

Rezatto, Helen

Rich, Rita

Richard, John

Richards, Marjorie Alice Benedict

Richards, Richard O.

Richardson, Arthur H.

Richardson, B. A.

Richardson, Mabel Kingsley

Richter, Anton H.

Riefel, Ben

Riggs Family

Riggs, Alfred Longley

Riggs, Lawrence

Riggs, Louisa Irvine

Riggs, Stephen Return

Riggs, Theodore Foster

Riggs, Thomas Lawrence

Riley, Marvin P.

Ringo, Johnny

Ringsrud, Amund

Ringsrud, Olive

Rinker, Dr. George C.

Ripple, Bill

Ripley Family – Sully & Potter Co.

Rise, Carl H.

Risinger, M. E.

Riswold, Gilbert

Ritz, Lawrence

Rivola, Flora

Robbie, Joseph

Robbins, “Joe”

Robbins, Bess

Robbins, Roger (Rick)

Roberts, Charles Duvae

Roberts, Clint

Roberts, Donus D.

Roberts, Henrietta

Roberts, Jim

Roberts, Judge E.D.

Robertson, Roy M

Robidoux, Joseph

Robins, E. W.

Robinson, Chris H.

Robinson, Delorme W.

Robinson, Doane

Robinson, Harvey

Robinson, Polly

Robinson, Ronald Lee

Robinson, Will G.

Robson, August “Rattlesnake Pete”

Roche, Michael P.

Rodee, H. A.


Roesch, Fred

Rogers, Dilwyn John

Rohde, Helen Grover

Roller, William

Rolvaag, Ole

Ronald, W.R.

Rondelle, Francois

Ronin, Thomas S

Roosevelt, Theodore

Root, Fred

Rosalie, M

Rosdhal, Robert

Rose, Edward

Rose, Lavera Roether

Rose, Marie

Rosenthal, Herman

Roseth, Clara Josephine

Ross, Don

Ross, Horatio Nelson

Ross, John A.

Ross, Thomas Henry

Rothhammer, Siegmund [1840-1865]

Rothhammer, Siegmund [1855-1875]

Rothrock, Edgar Paul

Rottluff, Karl Moritz

Rounds, Don

Rounds, Glen

Rounds, M. Michael

Rouseau Family

Rowe, Ealsa

Royer, Dr. Dan F.

Rubert Family

Rubert, Victor

Rudel, Greg

Rudolph, Judge Herbert B.

Ruleaux, Don

Running Bear

Russell, Charles

Russell, Tom

Ruste, Rudolph

Rutherford, “Buck”

Rutledge-Father to Son

Ryan, Ed

Rypkema, Milo C.