Women's History Collection: J

Jacobson, Hanna Caroline Confirmation Certificate (H75-300) 1 item

Confirmation certificate of Hanna Caroline Jacobson, born April 26, 1880 and confirmed November 18, 1894 at the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Union County.

Jencks, Mrs. Clifford Papers (H71-4) 2 items

In a 1910 letter to her daughter Maybel, Mrs. Jencks of Brushie, South Dakota describes a prairie fire and speaks of the marriage of her daughter Edna to John Kelsey. Also included in the collection is a photograph of the frame-sod homestead the Jencks family lived in at the time of the fire.

Jenney, Adeline Papers (H75-168) 10 items

Letters, biographical sketch, and membership/award certificates, 1956-1969. Jenney’s family moved to Valley Springs, South Dakota in 1917. An instructor at Yankton College, Jenney became the secretary of the South Dakota Poetry Society in 1933. In 1937 she became the editor of Pasque Petals, a position she held for over three decades. In 1958 she became Poet Laureate of the State by proclamation of the governor.

Johnston, Janice Case Photograph Album (H99-090) 1 item

Janice lived in Watertown and she took photographs of her home, her family, Mount Rushmore, and out of state views; 1934-1935.

Jones, Mildred McEwen Papers (H74-25) 1 cubic foot

Biographical and genealogical sketches and clippings mainly concerning early Beadle county pioneers. Compiled by Huron resident Mildred Jones.

Jorgensen, Mrs. Theodore Manuscript (H82-1) 1 item, 5 typewritten pages

Manuscript describing early Thrall Academy, and the author’s experiences there, entitled "Young People of the Prairie," ca. 1916.

Judy, Isabelle McGillvary Manuscript (H75-295) 1 item

In a one-page typed manuscript, Judy describes the effects of the hard winter of 1880-1881 on the new settlement of Forestburg, South Dakota.