Women's History Collection: O

Old Settlers Register (H76-66) 1 item

A list of various old settlers, both male and female, and the date they settled in Dakota. This photocopied document titled, "Register of Old Settlers, Homecoming Week, June 11 to June 17, 1911," refers to the 50th anniversary celebration of the Yankton County Old Settlers Association.

Olson, Alice Adelaide Letters (H75-336) 2 items

Letters testifying to Alice Olson's teaching ability, 1882.

Olson, Florence DeWolf Papers (H97-20) 1/2 cubic foot

Genealogy items, diaries, school records and notebooks, letters, teacher certificate and contracts, teaching aids, and family photographs (1869-1980 with the bulk limited to 1920-1940). After attending Northern Normal School in Aberdeen, DeWolf taught in the Hyde County rural schools of Bramhall and South Convent before teaching primary grades at Harrold. Her husband Clarence worked in road construction.

Olson, Irma Anna Israel Collection (H2002-008) 2.25 cubic feet

Olson was a South Dakota PTA President in the late 1950's. The records in this collection include correspondence, reports, and publications that were collected or generated by Olson during her time as president. ca. 1929-1969

Olson-Mann Family Papers (H90-52) 1/4 cubic foot

A collection of letters, obituaries, and a legal instrument. The letters explain how Andrew Olson-Mann (1863-1910) was adopted and tell of his reunion with his birth father. His sister Anna writes lengthy letters describing homesteading in McCook County. She gives an excellent account of housing, life on the prairie, and remarks on their crops and farm animals.

Opheim, Charlotte Johnson Papers (H76-7) 1 item

Affidavit dated 1941 in which Opheim relates the discovery of the Verendrye plate.

Oral, South Dakota Postcard (H94-52) 1 item

Titled, "Good Girls in Badlands, South Dakota, 1909." The image shows a sod house and tent with three girls sitting in the foreground and one woman in the background in front of the house and tent. The card is addressed to Miss Minnie Johnson of Clarkston, Washington. The text of the message expresses the writer’s dislike for the Badlands and is signed, "Lovingly Kate."

Osborne, Sara Jane Memoir (H92-85) 1 item, 6 pages

Osborne, a Pennington County resident ca. 1885-1890, describes meetings with local Indians and events surrounding the Wounded Knee Massacre along with other recollections of her life in this memoir.