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Charles Edmund Deland, attorney, author, and poet came to reside in Pierre in the early 1880s. He was born in Kirkland township, Oneida County, New York on January 6, 1854. After graduating from Whitetown Seminary, Deland moved to Illinois where he was admitted to practice law in 1878.

Deland began his law practice in Pierre in 1883. He would later become partners with Coe I. Crawford. He was the author of several law journals, wrote several books based on historical facts of the west, along with a number of fictional novels.

Deland also belonged to a number of civic and social organizations while living in Pierre. He was at one time president of the State Historical Society, reporter for the Supreme Court, and city attorney. Deland never married. Deland died in Pierre on December 9, 1935 and is buried in DeanBora, NY. He was 81 and had maintained his practice until his death.

Several writings of Deland's are included in his collection. Including histories of the Pierre area, Missouri River navigation, various South Dakota history topics, and a number of speeches, articles, and poems.