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SDNG Papers contain information on the following: WWII History Commission, the South Dakota Home Guard, 147th Field Artillery, 109th Engineer Regiment, 109th Engineer Battalion, 109th Quartermaster Regiment, 34th Signal Company, 34th Infantry Division, 260th Field Artillery Battalion, 132nd Engineer Battalion, 109th Engineer Battalion-Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 109th Engineer Group-Headquarters and Headquarters Company

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1922, 1924-1930, 1935-1937, 1942-1944, 1981-1982. Box 7211C

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-074)
Minutes, June 1889-February 1955. These volumes contain the names of the members of the commission, motions, resolutions, activities, and expenses. V1849-1853

Board of Charities and Corrections, State Soldiers Home
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1891-1954. Box 7226B

Boyd, John (H96-022) RESTRICTED
Photographs and Military Records, 1920-1990. John Boyd, a Rosebud Tribal member, lived on the Rosebud Reservation. Some of his children moved to the Seattle area to work in the World War II defense plants. This collection consists of scrapbooks that document the John Boyd family. A photograph and Vietnam Army records of Preston G. Boyd are also included in this collection.

Cihak, Steve (H2005-020)
Letters, December 1941-January 1946. Letters written by Steve A. Cihak to Mary Paul. The collection contains 558 letters that describe Steve’s military service including day to day activities, basic training, deployment to North Africa and Italy, and events in South Dakota. Cihak was from Tripp area and Mary was from the Tyndall area. After their marriage they farmed southeast of Tripp. 6654.

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Danforth, Hugh (H2005-085)
World War II letters to Leora Danforth, 1943-1945. Includes 232 letters sent by Hugh Danforth to his wife Leora Danforth during his military service. The Danforth’s were residents of the Pierre area. His letters include descriptions of his basic training, transportation to Europe and time in Germany and France. 8547

Department of History (H84-052)
World War II Personnel Cards, 1941-1945. The cards are organized alphabetically and include the name, age, sex, color, address, education, birthplace, name and address of father and mother, present military address, branch of service, and rank. MF1790-1793

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Adjutant General
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1892-1982. Many missing issues. Boxes 7221B, 7187C, 7228A, 7182B, 7287C

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1944-1958; 1965-1970. Box 7228A

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs
Igloo Magazine, June 18, 1943 and February 14, 1947. Box 7187C

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Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs (83-061)
South Dakota Veteran’s Commission Meeting Minutes, 1944-1977. Box 2186B

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs (89-166) RESTRICTED
World War II Veterans Bonus Records, 1949-1953. This collection contains confidential information on the veterans of World War II. Included are applications for Veterans Bonus and discharge papers.

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs (89-167) RESTRICTED
World War II Veterans Roster A-L, 1950. This collection contains confidential information on the veterans of World War II.

Doolittle Raiders Rapid City Reunion (H93-101)
Cassette Tapes, 1978. This collection consists of eight cassette tapes of interviews conducted by Steve Nelson for American Legion Magazine at the Doolittle Raiders Reunion held in Rapid City in 1978. Persons interviewed include General James Doolittle, Henry Potter, Dick Cole, Father William J. Glynn, Richard Knobloch, Lt. Travis Hoover, and David Jones. Box 9290B

Evans, John Harrison (H76-008)
Military registration cards, 1917, 1942. This collection consists of two draft tickets for John Harrison Evans for World War I and World War II. Box 3564A

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Feldhaus, James Gordon (H94-005)
Papers, 1942-1988. Lt. Col. Feldhaus was a member of the American defense counsel team representing General Tomoyuki Yamashita during his war crimes trial in 1945. Yamashita was charged with violating the law of war by permitting his troops to commit atrocities while trying to recapture the Philippines. This collection contains files, letters, clippings, legal briefs and military records. Box 5717 and MD 98

Fletcher, Hazel (H90-103)
Photographs and Manuscripts, 1937-1986. Fletcher operated the Green Door Brothel in Deadwood from the 1950s through 1980. This collection contains address books, correspondence, death records, marriage certificates, photographs and military records. The photographs are of various girls who worked for Fletcher as well as a collection of photographs taken in Alaska in the 1940s. The Alaska images include WWII Army-Air Force facilities, airplanes, camp buildings and military personnel. Boxes 3976A-3976C, FB 75

Fox-Mernaugh Collection (H89-059)
Photograph of Isabella Fox in her WAC uniform, 1943. Box 5516A


Froelich, William G. (H91-108)
World War II Documents and Photographs, 1942-1946. This collection consists of copies of photographs and negatives, letters, Italian postcards, military pamphlets, war ration books, and a photocopy of discharge papers. William Froelich served as a radio operator with the H.Q. 350th Fighter Group in Tunisia, Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome Arno and North Apennines. He was discharged in 1945. FB 102

Gable, Edgar Slaughter (H60-003)
Papers, 1941-1945. 1st Lt. Edgar Slaughter Gable was a prisoner of war of the Japanese at Cabanatuan, Philippine Islands from 1942-1944. He was aboard a Japanese freighter when it was bombed and destroyed by U.S. forces. Gable secretly kept a diary during his imprisonment and buried it. One of the surviving prisoners returned after the war and unearthed the diary. This collection contains a diary, notes to Gladys Savary, his aunt, newspaper clippings, postcards, and photographs. Box 3650B

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General Photo Collection (H88-094)
1st WAVE Reunion at San Francisco, 1948. This collection consists of six photographs pertaining to the WAVE reunion held in San Francisco. Box 5719

General Photo Collection (H91-104)
Iwo Jima Photographs, 1945. This collection consists of 64 photographs that are arranged according to a picture index. The photos include images of Iwo Jima before, during, and after the Americans won the island. Box 5869A

General Photo Collection (H91-114)
Troop C. 4th Cavalry, Fort Meade, 1941. This collection consists of a negative and photocopies of the original print. The photo is of Troop C. 4th Cavalry in uniform at Fort Meade in July 1941. The name and rank of the soldiers pictured is listed on the reverse of the photo. Box 5483B

General Photo Collection (H93-090)
Military and other panorama, 1885-1951. This collection consists of panoramic photos of World War I and the Spanish American War. Also included are posters of Insignia’s Decorations and Medals of the U.S. Army from World War II. MD 262 and 263.

General Photo Collection (H98-045)
Solomon Islands during World War II, 1943. This collection contains various sized photographs of the Solomon Islands, American planes and buildings at Sansapor, and island landscapes. Box 6861B

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General Photo Collection (P100)
Patriotic photos. Including a photo of a newsboy selling defense saving stamps, billboard signs, and presentation of colors in Pierre.

General Photo Collection (P104)
Military. Includes images of the canteen at the Milwaukee Depot in Aberdeen; 425nd Navy in uniform; Florence Tuma at the Black Hills Ordinance Depot; and 1st Lt. Marie L. Weaver from St. Lawrence receiving the Bronze Star.

Hogie, Leander A. (H2003-053)
Papers, 1931-1958. Hogie was the School Superintendent for the Parkston School from 1942 through 1948. During this time he also supervised the ration booklets for the community during the war. This collection contains WWII ration booklets and ration deposit slips. Box 3698

Holub, Anna K. (H2002-039)
World War II Rationing Scrapbook, 1942-1946. Mrs. Holub was employed by the Gregory County Local War Price and Rationing Office from 1942 to 1945. This scrapbook contains coupons, forms, supplies, a ration book, and letters. Of particular interest are the names of others who worked in the office, positions they held and specific events that were noted on the covers of the scrapbook. Box 6784

Horthy Collection (H91-043)
Family Papers, 1922-1974. Doctors Aladar and Klara Horthy worked in Germany for the International Relief Organization during WWII prior to immigrating to the United States. FB 86

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Jensen, Leslie (H74-041)
Recording, 1944. This is a 78 rpm recording made by Leslie Jensen while he was stationed with the U.S. Army in Australia during WWII. FB 134

Jacobsen, Lt. Eric S. (H75-216)
Letter, 1944. Lt. Jacobsen wrote a short letter to his mother describing the voyage to England and the beauty of the English countryside. Box 3544A

Kasperson, Elmer (H94-078)
Bombing Squadron 109 Flight Log and Pictorial Record, 1941-1944. Kasperson joined the U.S. Navy in 1930 and received awards for his bravery and service. He was reported missing in action in 1944. This collection contains a photocopy of Kasperson’s flight log, a roster of enlisted personnel for the Bombing Squadron 109, photographs, and a Pictorial Record of the Combat Duty of Bombing Squadron One Hundred Nine in the Central Pacific, 1944. Box 7032A

Klein, JoAnn Kositzky (H94-063)
WAVE Photographs and manuals, 1944-1946. Klein enlisted in 1944 and received training at the Naval Training Station in New York and the aerographics training school in Lakehurst New Jersey. She was transferred to the Naval Communications Annex in Washington D.C., Corpus Christie, TX, Annapolis, MD and the NAMC Naval Base in Philadelphia, PA. She was an Aerographics Mate 2c at the end of her service. This collection consists of group photos, a 1944 Bluejacket’s Manual, a short history of the U.S. Naval Training School and a brochure of WAVE quarters ‘D’ in Washington, D.C. FB 127

Kleinsasser, Leo Charlie (H2000-040)
Military records and photographs, 1945-1990. Kleinsasser was a private in the 34th Infantry, D. Company, stationed in Sasebo, Kyushu, Japan. This collection contains orders to report for preinduction physical examination, order to report for induction, honorable discharge certificate, enlisted record and report of separation honorable discharge, and a photograph album. Box 8533B

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McPherson Family Papers (H91-081)
Military Photographs and Papers, 1942-1967. This collection consists of photographs, documents and newspaper articles pertaining to Robert G. McPherson, Dennis McPherson and Stuart McPherson’s military activities. Items included in this collection are: code of conduct card, pay record, newspaper accounts of deaths, letter regarding posthumous awards, telegrams, certification of medals, list of Company C enlisted men, and a glossary of Australian terms. Box 4543A

Martin, Mary (H91-020)
Diaries, 1943-1945. Miss Mary Martin, a Pierre resident, created three diaries between 1943 and 1945. The diaries contain news clippings and entries on WWII, mention of the weather and her daily activities. Most notable are the newspaper clippings on Winston Churchill. Box 4010B

Miscellaneous Military Collection
Insignia, Posters and oversize materials, 1942-1951. Open collection. MD 263

Moen Family Papers (H93-032)
Scrapbook, 1942. Clara Moen Storley created this scrapbook which consists of newspaper articles from the Webster, S.D. area regarding WWII. Storley’s brother, Theodore Moen, enter the U.S. Army in 1942 and served with the 946 M.P. Battalion. FB 119

Pfeiffer, John Edward (H75-246)
Collection, 1969-1972. The majority of this collection pertains to Pfeiffer’s interest in the history of the German-Russians in South Dakota. There is a twenty five page account of Pfeiffer’s experiences with the 16th Armored Division in Europe during WWII. Box 3545A

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Photographs (H97-055)
Military, 1864-1953. This is a large collection of military photographs. This collection includes WWII photos. Boxes 6823-6827, FB 333 and MD 263

Schuler, Harold H. (H95-010)
Papers, 1989-1992. This collection includes eighty six photographs of Camp Rapid collected by the donor who used them for research purposes to write the book, “Camp Rapid, Home of the South Dakota National Guard” in 1995. Camp Rapid was created in 1932 and was the training area for the South Dakota National Guard. Box 5976

Scurr, Kenneth (H97-016)
Papers, 1940s. Colonel Scurr’s collection consists primarily of WWII items including newspaper clippings, ration coupons, letters, and musical concert programs. See also H97-055 for photographs on Scurrs’ involvement in the Korean War. Box 6636B

Selective Service Historical Report for South Dakota (H75-155)
Report, 1940-1947. This report was submitted by Edward A. Beckwith, state director of the South Dakota Selective Service, to Lewis B. Hershey, director of the Selective Service, on March 31, 1947. The report is a record of the operation of the Selective Service in South Dakota. Box 3543A

Sherburne, Millie Stombaugh (H74-061)
Scrapbook, 1940-1945. Verlin E. Sherburne entered the Army in 1940. His mother kept a scrapbook for him while he was in the war. The scrapbook mostly contains information about the 147th Field Artillery. FB 26

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Sherburne, Verlin E. (H82-048)
Diaries, 1941-1943. Sherburne was a member of the Headquarters Battery, 2nd Battalion of the 147th Field Artillery Regiment. This collection consists of three diaries detailing Sherburne’s involvement in WWII. The diaries start with November 1941 as the 147th left San Francisco and ended up in Australia, and end in 1943. Box 3594B and FB 26

Shober Family Papers (H93-093)
World War II Air Raid Poem, 1941-1945. This collection contains concert programs, news-clippings and photographs of the Shober family, particularly Bessie Stackpole Shober. The collection of concert programs contains a World War II era air raid poem. Box 5778

Sorenson, James R. (H2004-011)
In World War I and World War II, 1917-1945. Sorenson, a South Dakota native, served in World War I and World War II. He kept journals during his tours and his descendants have copied these journals and combined them with his photographs. Box 3374B

South Dakota National Guard (H74-028)
Papers, 1885-1981. The National Guard was reorganized after WWI. The 109th Engineer Battalion served in Italy during WWII, and lineage information on this battalion is in the collection. The 109th Engineer Regiment and 109th Quartermaster Regiment, assigned to South Dakota as part of the 34th Infantry Division, were mobilized for WWII but were split into different units. The 128th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion was activated in 1943 as the 128th Coast Artillery Battalion. The 132nd Engineer Battalion was one of the units created when the 109th Engineer Regiment split. The 132nd served in Italy during WWII. The 133rd Motor Transport Company and the 136th Engineer Regiment were units assigned to South Dakota after the reorganization after WWI. The 147th Field Artillery, assigned to Fort Ord, California, was sent to Australia in WWII. In 1943 the 147th was split into the 147th and 260th Field Artillery. The 158th Regimental Combat Team was active in New Guinea and the Philippines along with the 147th Field Artillery during WWII. The WWII History Commission was created shortly after the war in order to write a history of South Dakota in the War. This collection contains manuscripts, rosters and maps that were used by the commission. Boxes 3657A-3672

South Dakota National Guard (H90-113)
Papers Relating to the 147th Field Artillery, 1941-1945, 1989. This collection contains excerpts from the diary of Carl Bangert, Btry F 147th FA; excerpts from the Bill Daly collection, and a paper written by Robert G. Webb. Box 3998B

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South Dakota Veterans of Foreign Wars Publications (H82-021)
The Veterans News, November 1944-December 1945 Box 3591A
South Dakota Overseas Veterans, April 1950-March 1955 FB 483

Spargur, Jack (H90-030)
Photographs, 1943. This collection consists of four prints of soldiers wearing the “Ike” uniforms. Box 5516B

Stephens, Ernest (H93-023)
Photographs and Scrapbooks, 1910-1936. Stephens was an attorney in the Pierre area. This collection consists of miscellaneous WWII materials along with photographs of people and communities in Stanley, Haakon and Jones Counties. Box 5682C

Thomson, Claudia (H98-041)
Collection, 1890-1958. This collection consists of scrapbooks, letters, photographs and papers that belonged to Claudia Thomson. Of particular interest is a manuscript written by Thomson describing a Northern European tour in 1934 in which she describes attitudes regarding Adolf Hitler and the political climate. Box 6885

USO Servicemen’s Committee of Pierre (H74-060)
Records, 1942-1945. This collection consists of incorporation records, by-laws, lists of members, minutes of meetings, and other papers. This group was the official representative of the USO in Pierre. Box 3451B

U.S.S. South Dakota Battleship (H84-042)
Records, 1930-1979. This collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, description of the ship, and reunion information. Box 3617A

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U.S.S. South Dakota Battleship (H84-037)
Scrapbook, 1941-1969. Genevieve Trask kept a scrapbook of newsclippings, invitations and correspondence about the U.S.S. South Dakota. Genevieve and her husband donated the bottle of champagne that christened the battleship. FB 90

U.S.S. South Dakota Battleship (H75-244)
Transcription of the Launching, 1941. This collection consists of two phonograph recordings of Mrs. Harlan J. Bushfield’s christening of the U.S. battleship at the Navy Yard in New Jersey on June 7, 1942. Box 9384

United States. Chief of Military History (MF 505)
Official Lineage and Battle Honors Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 147th Field Artillery Group and 643d Field Artillery Battalion. Includes organization dates, reorganization dates, muster and demobilization dates, location of home station, and campaign streamers. MF 1848

United States Fifth Army (H2004-028)
Volumes on the Involvement in World War II. Included are Fifth Army History; The Winter Line; To Bizerte with the II Corps; Road to Rome; Volturno; Salerno; Mission Accomplished: Africa, Sicily, Italy; Finito! The Po Valley Campaign; The Advance on Rome; Engineer History, Mediterranean Theater: Fifth Army; and Bridging Operations: Italy. Box 6953 A&B

Waldron, Lt. Commander John C. (H75-217)
Citation, 1942. Lt. Commander Waldron of Fort Pierre, received the Navy Cross for leading the attack of Torpedo Squadron Eight against the Japanese during the Battle of Midway in 1942. He was killed in the action. This is a copy of the original citation. Box 3544A

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Wohler, Glen (H92-065)
Papers, 1942-1944. Wohler was prisoner of the Japanese during WWII. He died when the prison ship he was on was bombed and sunk by U.S. forces. This collection contains letters from Wohler to his mother, a list of Codington County residents who died in WWII, and an introduction to the letters and a news-clipping on Wohler’s death. Box 5495A

World War II (MF 505)
Crow Creek Veterans, undated. Handwritten list of names of Crow Creek Veterans of World War I, World War II and the Korean War. (MF1848)

World War II (H220-033)
Ration Stamps, 1941-1945. This collection contains information pertaining to rationing. Included are: ration stamps, booklets, coupon sheets, registration papers, price lists for goods, and plans for mileage rationing. 6653

World War II (H2005-036)
Ration stamps, booklets and leather wallets, 1941-1945. Includes two ration wallets containing stamps and booklets. Both belonged to citizens from the Mitchell area. Box 6957B

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World War II History Commission (H82-052)
Records, 1945-1949. The World War II History Commission was created in 1945 shortly after the war. The purpose of the commission was to write and publish the history of South Dakota’s part in World War II. This collection includes the files of the commission, material on the military units of South Dakota, records of the South Dakota Red Cross and U.S.O., war dead, medal winners, and war legislation. The collection is organized to correspond with the published volume. Boxes 3596-3599A, MD 64

World War II History Commission
Military Unit Histories, 1945-1949. This collection contains personnel rosters, photographs, maps and stories about the 147th Field Artillery, 196th Infantry, 196th Regimental Combat Team, 190th Engineers, 109th Quartermaster Master Company C, 196th Engineers and 200th Engineers. Box 1357 and MD 262

World War II History Commission (H2005-057)
Postcard. The postcard was printed by the Commission with a prepaid postal stamp worth two cents. 8535B

World War II Ration Books (H99-134)
Ration Books, 1941-1945. This collection consists of thirteen ration books that were issued to the King family of Pierre, S.D. Box 7018B

World War II Scrapbook (H96-071)
Scrapbook, 1942-1943. The scrapbook contains newspaper articles about the war. Also included in this collection are three publications: United Nations War Atlas, Teacher’s Handbook of War Maps, and America in World War II. FB 424


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Garner, John S. World War II temporary military buildings : a brief history of the architecture and planning of cantonments and training stations in the United States. Champaign, IL : US Army Corps of Engineers, 1993.

Jones County war veterans past and present : from the Civil War to the Persian Gulf War (1861-1991). Murdo, S.D. : Veterans Service Office, South Dakota Veterans Dept., [1995]

Langellier, J. Phillip. Fix bayonets : the U.S. infantry from the American Civil War to the surrender of Japan. London: Greenhill Books; Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books, 1998.

Official history of the Second Military Government Regiment. [s.l. : s.n., 1945]

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Schock, Al. Al and Ozzie : brothers in war: an autobiographical narrative of Al and Ozzie Schock’s military service in World War II. [Sioux Falls, S.D.] , 1988

Schuler, Harold. Camp Rapid : Home of the South Dakota National Guard. Freeman, S.D. : Pine Hill Press, [1995].

Sladek, Karen. Lucky Stars and gold bars : a World War II odyssey. Seattle, Wash.: Penlyric Press, 2003

Small unit actions : France : 2d Ranger Battalion at Pointe du Hoe. Saipan : 27th Division on Tanapag Plain. Italy : 351st Infantry at Santa Maria Infante. France: 4th Armored Division at Singling. Washington DC : Historical Division, War Dept., 1982, c 1946.

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The 34th Infantry Division : Louisiana to Pisa. [Rome] : Information and Education Section, MTOUSA, [1945].

Voyles, Jennifer R. comp. A Hero looks a lot like grandpa : their stories. [Belle Fourche, S.D. : Jennifer Voyles, 1994]

World War II. South Dakota Historical Collections. South Dakota State Historical Society: Pierre, S.D.

World War II and the American Dream. Washington D.C. : National Building Museum, 1995

World War II History. Wi-Iyohi. South Dakota State Historical Society: Pierre, S.D.

Theater of War in Europe, Africa and Western Asia, 1942. National Geographic maps (#26 and #27)

World War II, undated. (MD 76)

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