Interlibrary Loan

No ILL of State Archives Library books; collections; state census microfilm; naturalization microfilm; or microfilm that did not originate from the State Archives.

InterLibrary Loan Services: (Microfilm Only)

Interlibrary loan of microfilm, $10.00 per reel with a maximum of 4 reels per request. Prepayment by check, money order, or credit card required.

Replacement cost for lost microfilm actual cost, with a minimum charge of $50.00 a reel.

Billing by e-mail invoice to college and university libraries with prior permission only.

A 30-day microfilm ILL extension can be granted, if the State Archives is notified prior to the due date by phone or email.

Interlibrary loan late fee charged after five weeks of receipt, $10.00 per reel

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