The collection is the foundation on which the rest of the museum stands. These tangible pieces allow us to answer so many questions about our past, and perhaps more importantly, beg us to ask more.

The museum collects objects that relate to the human experience in South Dakota. Since its founding in 1901, the museum’s collection has grown to over 33,000 artifacts ranging from Lakota headdresses to political buttons, and just about everything in between.

The museum uses objects in its nationally recognized exhibits, for research purposes, and as loans to museums around the world.

The museum relies on donations from the public to add to its collections. Once a part of the museum’s collection, objects reside in the state-of-the-art Cultural Heritage Center where a professional staff cares for them, ensuring their long-term preservation for generations to come.


900 Governors Dr.

Pierre, SD 57501


f: 605-773-6041