Hogen Gallery
The Marvis T. and Florence Brown Hogen Gallery is used for changing exhibitions.

PLAY BALL! The National Pastime in South Dakota
Our newest exhibit explores South Dakota’s rich baseball history. From the early town teams to the establishment of both amateur and professional leagues, South Dakotans have seen many great players and great teams. The sport continues to bring generations together at ball fields and parks throughout the state, whether one is a fan or a player.

The South Dakota Experience Galleries
Oyate Tawicoh’an [O-ya-ta Ta-wi-cho-han]
The Ways of the People

In the language of the Oceti Sakowin, the nation some call the Sioux, Oyate Tawicoh'an means The Ways of the People. Learn about the history, values and beliefs of the Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota.

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Proving Up
Proving Up explores the state’s history from the placing of the Verendrye Plate in 1743 to the final fight for the state capital in 1904. Share the adventures of explorers, trappers, settlers, miners, and statesmen that established South Dakota.

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Changing Times - South Dakota in the 20th Century
Examine the changes and challenges South Dakotans experienced during the 20th century. The state flourished when rail lines and automobiles rolled in and struggled when the Depression hit. Throughout the 1900’s some settlers left, but most dug, rooted in this place, and grew to love it.

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Observation Gallery
Upstairs from the main gallery our Observation Gallery features a fantastic view of the State Capitol Building and the Missouri River bluffs.

The new exhibit, "South Dakota Environments: A Window to Past Times," is now on display at the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre. Through the new exhibit visitors will recognize that our state’s environment has changed over time; that the brown and green grasslands of today have not always been the appearance of South Dakota. “South Dakota Environments” discusses the geology of the state and current topography. Four time periods are illustrated and discussed. In the Paleozoic Era, South Dakota was an underwater world of jawless fish and sharks. In the Mesozoic Era, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops roamed the land while fierce mosasaurs swam the warm oceans. In Ice Age South Dakota, the Pleistocene Epoch, mammoths and giant short-faced bears made the state their home. Today’s modern Holocene Epoch has brought croplands and a varied landscape. This exhibition will be on display in the Observation Gallery through 2015.


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