Educational Series

The Educational Series were a set of brief documents about South Dakota archaeology developed in the 1970s by the Archaeology Laboratory of the University of South Dakota under a grant from the National Park Service. The series has been out of print some time, but scanned copies are being made available here. To read them, you will need a pdf viewer such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

No. 1: Archaeology, Studying the Past for the Future
No. 2: The First South Dakotans
No. 3: Archaic Foragers
No. 4: Woodland Villagers
No. 5: Initial Middle Missouri Gardeners: Great Oasis
No. 6: Initial Middle Missouri Gardeners: Innovations and Migrations
No. 7: Central Plains Tradition Immigrants
No. 8: Initial Coalescent: A Blending of Cultures
No. 9: Developing the Cultural Mosaic: 1400–1700 A.D.
Young People's Guide to South Dakota Archaeology

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