Biographical File Index

The Biographical File collection consists of various information collected on specific individuals.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 


W- Miscellaneous

Wa Pas Ha


Wackerow, Frederick

Wade “Kid”

Wagner, Dr. Robert

Wagner, Sally Roesch

Waldner, Marie

Waldo, Edna Lamoore

Waldron, Gordon R.

Waldron, L.T. Com. John C.

Walker, Bill/Alma

Walker, Frederick E.

Walking Bull, Gilbert Charles

Walking Bull, Tino W.

Walking Shield

Waln, Joseph “Bad”

Walsh, Maurice

Walsh, Thomas J.

Waltner, Emil J.

Wanamaker, Dix


Wansley, Mrs. T.J.L.

War Cloud, Paul

War Eagle

Warbonnet, Pete

Ward James A.

Ward, Freeman

Ward, Gen. A.B.

Ward, Joseph

Ward, Tater

Wandall, Alonzo

Ware, Harlan

Warner, Frances Larimer

Warnock, Jane

Warren, Gov. Kemble

Warren, Judge Frederick A.

Warren, Margaret

Washington, George

Wasmoen, Carol S.

Waterhouse, Alfred James

Way, Kenneth

Way, S.X.

Webb, Bernie

Webb, Diana (Loitwood)

Webb, Joyce

Webb, Mrs. Laura

Webb, Walter P.

Webster, Gertrude

Webster, H.D.

Webster, Loraine

Webster, Victor

Wedel, Dr. Waldo

Weeks, I.D.

Wegner, Karl M.D.

Wegner, Lottie

Wehrle, Rev. Vincent

Weiland, Jack

Weinkauf, Mary S.

Weinreis, Anna Marie

Weinreis, Eva Prouse

Weir, Susanna

Weischaar, Lynn

Welch Family

Welch, Capt. A.B.

Weldon, Mrs. C.

Welk, Lawrence

Weller, Frank

Wellington, Raynor Greenleaf

Wells, Phillip E.

Wells, Rollin J.

Welt, Elly

Wendt, Lloyd M.

Wenzlaff, Gustav G.

Wesley, John

Wesner, Jolene S.

Westcott, Rockwell

Westerman, Floyd

Westin, Frederick C.

Whaley, Charles F.

Whaley, Neva Marie

Wheeler, Keith

Wheeler, Robert B.

Wherry, Hazel L.

Whipple, Henry Benjamin

Whirlwind Soldier (See Little Wounded File)

White Bull, “Mah-O-Nie”

White Eagle

White Hat, Albert

White Hawk

White Swan

White, Dr. Mathilda

Whitebird, Francis

Whitehouse, Benjamin Frank

Whiteside, Lowell E.

Whiting, Judge Chas

Whitley, Fred W.

Whitlock, Agnes B.

Whitlow, Claude J.

Whitney, O.K.

Whitney, Arther O’ Dell

Wiedemer, Ila

Wik, Reynold

Wilcox, Duane

Wilder Society

Wilder, Laura Ingalls

Wilder, W. R.

Willard, A. M.

Willey, E.H.

Willhite, Nellie Zabel

Williams & Ree

Williams, Bessie

Williams, Elizabeth

Williams, Fontella L.

Williams, Joseph A.

Williams, Leonard (Bud)

Williams, Libbie

Williams, Lida Myrtle

Williams, R.B. “Dick’

Williams, Vernon

Williamson, John P. / Thomas S.

Williamson, John Poage

Williamson, Myrna H.

Williamson, Warren

Williamson, William

Willson, Lydia French

Willy, Todd

Wilson, David

Wilson, Dolores Barnes

Wilson, Lemuel G.

Wilson, Richard A.

Windolph Serg. Charles

Wingert, Donald

Wiseman, Hans

Wiseman, Maxine Schrader

Witherspoon, James

Withrow, Myrtle Davidson

Witzleben, E.C.

Wolcott, Peter Clark

Woley, Dr. Alice

Wolfe, Edgar

Wollman, Harvey

Wollman, Roger

Wong Family

Wood Family

Wood, Frances Gilchrist

Wooledge, Lucy Yakey

Woster Brothers

Wright Bros

Wright Family

Wright, James A. (Jim)

Wright, Dr. Paul

Wright, Franklin, Lloyd

Wullweber, Marvin

Wyman, Judge A. Lee

Wynia, Florence