Vertical File Index

The Vertical File collection consists of various information collected on specific historic topics.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 


Eagle Butte, SD

Eakin, SD

Earling, SD



Easter Seals Society

Economic Development in South Dakota

Eden Park, SD

Edgemont, SD

Edmunds County

Edna, SD

Educational Association, SD 1919

Education History I - II

Egan, SD

Eisenhower Library

Election Frauds

Election Returns I - II

Election Statistics

Elections I - II

Elk Point, SD

Elks Club

Elkton, SD

Ellis, SD

Ellsworth Air Force Base

Elrod, SD

Emery, SD


Energy Crisis

Energy Development & effect of Mining on Lakota Sioux


Engineers, 109th (National Guard Unit)

"Engravings" (Historical Collections)

Environmental Protection

Epiphany, SD

Episcopal Church

Erosphere, SD (EROS Data Center) Sioux Falls

Erwin, SD

Esmond, SD

Estelline, SD

Ethan, SD

Ethiopian Rescue Relief Conference, Intl.

Ethnic Groups

ETSI (Energy Transportation Systems, Inc)

Etta Mining Camp

Etymology (of animal names)

Eugenics Law

Eureka, SD

Evans Plunge

Evarts, SD

Executive Proclamations


Explorers (Mallet Brothers)