Women's History Collection: I

Irvine, Javan Bradley Family Papers (H72-3, H75-16, H90-87) 2 cubic feet

Capt. Irvine was stationed at Fort Sully, DT in the 1860s and 1870s, where he and his family met the Thomas L. Riggs family. The Riggs’s are mentioned frequently in the Irvine family letters. Capt. Irvine’s daughter, M. Louisa, later married Thomas L. Riggs, after the death of his first wife, Nina Foster. This collection of family letters (1859-1902) provides much biographical information in addition to his military experiences. Additions to the Irvine papers include manuscripts, a bible, photographs, 1806-1967, and two diaries written by J.B. Irvine, 1870-1873, containing numerous mentions of the Riggs family.