Women's History Collection: S

Sacagawea Collection (H79-1) 8 folders

Correspondence, speeches, and clippings, 1904-1972. Sacagawea, an Indian woman famous for her role in the 1803 Lewis and Clark expedition, has been a continuous source of conflict for Western historians. The place and time of her death are the crux of the argument. This collection contains materials describing two schools of thought the South Dakota Theory and the Wyoming Theory.

Saint Ann’s Catholic Church of Miller Records (H92-43, H94-22 and H2003-031) 21 items

Biographies of women parishioners, 1989-1992, 1994, 2003. Each biography was written by the individual it describes or a member of that person’s family.

Schiefelbein, Virginia Running Papers (H90-55, H90-97, H91-29) 4 1/2 linear inches

Schiefelbein was a Gettysburg resident who taught school in the surrounding area, including the Cheyenne River Reservation. Among her papers are news clippings, correspondence, postcards, photographs, employment records, and school records. Of special interest are letters from Virginia’s childhood pen pal in France (written in both English and French) and letters from her brother Tom while he was in the Air Force. The school records include Virginia’s report cards from 1912-1917, an arithmetic booklet, and a history writing assignment. Photographs depict scenes at Four Bears Day School on the Cheyenne River Reservation as well as family photographs.

Shakespeare Club of Aberdeen (H2001-043 and MF 1894) 2 microfilm reels

The collection consists of meeting minutes for the Shakespeare Club of Aberdeen (1902-2001). The club met once a month to discuss Shakespearean writings.

Shakespeare and Art Club of Mitchell Records (H71-2) 38 items

Constitution, membership list, pamphlets and programs, and minutes, 1916-1971. Organized for "the mutual improvement of members."

Shaving, Anna and Jenny Swift Eagle Photograph (H94-42) 1 item

1910 photograph of Anna Bertha Swift Eagle and her sister Jenny who married brothers, William and Charles Shaving. All were members of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe who lived north of LaPlante near a place called Virgin Creek.

Shaw Family Papers (H87-14) 3 items

Letter describing blizzard of 1888 in Charles Mix County, family photo, 1889.

Smith, Alice L. Papers (H94-17) 1 item

Consists of a handwritten reminiscence of Lyman County homesteading and family photographs. Included in the manuscript are descriptions of homestead life, blizzards, experiences with local Indians, rural schools, ranching, and entertainment.

Smith, Elizabeth Brown (H2001-038) 2.0 cubic feet

Biz Brown lived in Huron during her childhood and then moved to Mitchell after her marriage. This collection holds memory books, scrapbooks, and photograph albums (1906-1945). The notable items in this collection include photographs of women’s clothing, the Black Hills, and momentos that Biz saved from her attendance at Huron High School.

South Dakota Educational Association Records (H74-72) 4 volumes

Annual meeting programs and minutes, 1884-1915. The organization was founded to improve professionalism among its members and to advance school interests of the state.

South Dakota Parent Teachers Association (H99-218) 6.5 cubic ft.

Meeting minutes, pamphlets, bulletins, scrapbooks, photographs and newspaper articles; 1922-1990. The National Congress of Parents and Teachers was formed in 1897 and the South Dakota Chapter was organized in 1915.

South Dakota Press Women's Association (H2003-008) 2.0 cubic feet

Scrapbooks, publications, correspondence, minutes and photographs, 1948-1995.

South Dakota State Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs Records (H97-37, H99-150, H2000-84, H2001-001,H2002-004) 6.25 cubic feet

Annual meeting proceedings, local club histories, national histories through 1960, subject files, local chapter yearbooks, photographs, copies of the by-laws and club constitution, resolutions, treasurer's records, meeting minutes, and the SDFBPW Bulletin, 1921-1997. The National Federation of BPW was formed in 1918 as the National Business Women’s Committee, and the South Dakota Federation of BPW organized in 1920.

South Dakota Sunday School Association Records (H74-119) 75 items

Minutes, annual convention programs, publications, and misc., 1875-1947. Publications include 25 issues of The Sunday School News (1917-1929) and 33 issues of Church and School (1903-1915).

South Dakota Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary Records (H96-20) 8 linear inches

Minutes, correspondence, photographs, the group’s constitution and by-laws, annual meeting flyers, copies of SDVMA’s Vet Net Newsletter, pamphlets, certificates, and news clippings, 1960-1995. Organized in 1937, the SDVMAA sought to "promote good fellowship among the wives of licensed veterinarians and dealers in veterinary supplies and their salesmen."

South Dakota World's Fair Commission Records (H90-85) 1 item

Published minutes of the first meeting of the Board of Woman Commissioners for the World's Colombian Exposition held in Huron, December 17, 1891, are included in this small collection. Names mentioned in the article include: Mrs. J. E. Bennett, Mrs. William Duff Haynei, Mrs. George A. Silsby, Mrs. Marie J. Gaston, Mrs. L. Q. Jeffries, Mrs. A. C. Mellette, and Mrs. W. A. Burleigh.

Starbuck, Matilda Papers (H80-8) 36 pages

Two manuscripts and papers concerning the experiences of Starbuck in the Black Hills between 1876 and 1904. "My Trip to the Black Hills, October 15, 1876" deals with her journey from Lincoln, Nebraska to Custer, South Dakota. "Don't You Remember?" relates episodes from 1876 to 1904.

Steuerwald, Kay Riordan Oral History Transcript (H96-28) 1 item, 27 typewritten pages

Kay Riordan was born near Kennebec, South Dakota in 1915. In 1941 she became manager of the State Game Lodge in Custer State Park. From 1951 to 1993 she was president of Mount Rushmore Mountain Company, Inc. which managed the concession at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Included in the interview are Mrs. Steuerwald’s comments on her background, her history, and the development of the Memorial. James G. Popovich, Chief of Interpretation at Mount Rushmore Memorial, conducted this interview with Steuerwald on December 3, 1992.

Stites, Clara Papers (H88-18) 3 items, 63 pages

Three manuscripts written ca. 1950-1955 by Clara Stites of New York, New York. Stites apparently moved to South Dakota with her family sometime in the 1880s, and settled near Sioux Falls. The three manuscripts in this collection appear to be pieces of her reminiscences of her life. One manuscript is entitled "The Yesterdays and Todays of Aunt Clara." The first part of the manuscript is subtitled "My Life in South Dakota." A number of other subjects are included. The second manuscript is entitled "Canal Days" and consists of her memories of living along the Erie Canal. The third manuscript discusses the battle of Springfield, New Jersey, during the Revolutionary War.

Swenson, Nancy Photograph (H95-29) 1 item

Photograph of Mrs. South Dakota, United States International, 1994.