Collection Care - Paper

Paper artifacts can last for several years if they are stored and handled properly. Simple precautions now will preserve your family documents for years to come. These simple tips can help you in your endeavor.


Preservation Tips.....

  • Store paper in Acid-Free containers and folders.

  • Make copies for personal/working use and keep the original safely stored away

  • Handle your papers as little as possible

  • Keep your papers out of direct sunlight and UV (ultraviolet) lights

  • Remove staples, paper clips, (any metal binder) and rubber bands from paper

  • Unfold paper when possible. Folds will eventually result in tearing.

  • Keep newsprint or any acidic materials from direct contact with your paper.

  • Keep papers out of attics or basements.

  • Never use pen on paper you are planning to keep. Use pencils whenever possible

  • Never use self-adhering tape to fix paper you are planning to keep.