Persian Gulf War
Operation Desert Storm

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Department of Executive Management. Gubernatorial Division. Governor George S. Mickelson (94-039)
General Files, 1987-1993. This collection contains a series of general office files arranged by subject matter that were collected during George S. Mickelson’s term as Governor. Of particular interest are the folders under the heading of Military and Veterans Affairs. There are sub-headings for Selective Service, Veterans Affairs, Veterans Home, National Guard, and Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Box 5794

Miller, Marshall C. Jr. (H95-052)
Interviews, 1991-1992. This collection consists of three audio cassette tapes of interviews with Marshall Miller. One interview was broadcast on BBC radio while the other interview was conducted by Marshall’s brother Patrick. Box 3438B

Operation Desert Storm (H91-050)
Letter from “Desert Storm” Participant, 1991. This collection consists of an eight page letter written by a soldier describing the weather, military tactics and operations in the Persian Gulf War. Box 4054A

This is an exerpt from a letter written on March 6, 1991

Schuler, Harold H. (H95-010)
Papers, 1989-1992. This collection includes eighty- six photographs of Camp Rapid collected by the donor who used them for research purposes to write the book, “Camp Rapid, Home of the South Dakota National Guard” in 1995. Camp Rapid was created in 1932 and was the training area for the South Dakota National Guard. Box 5976

Jones County war veterans past and present : from the Civil War to the Persian Gulf War (1861-1991). Murdo, S.D. : Veterans Service Office, South Dakota Veterans Dept., [1995]

Schuler, Harold. Camp Rapid : Home of the South Dakota National Guard. Freeman, S.D. : Pine Hill Press, [1995].

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