Mexican Border Affair

4th SD

Camp of the 4th SD Infantry at San Benito, Texas, 1916 (H97-055)

Collections Publications

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-075)
Correspondence, 1917-1937. Collection consists of letters sent and received by the State Veterans Home. Box 2107-2108

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-074)
Minutes, June 1889-February 1955. These volumes contain the names of the members of the commission, motions, resolutions, activities, and expenses. V1849-1853

Board of Charities and Corrections, State Soldiers Home
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1891-1954. Box 7226B

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Bush, William (H85-046)
Certificate, July 11, 1916. Bush was appointed Corporal in Company A of the 4th Regiment of Infantry in the South Dakota National Guard. MD 064

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Adjutant General
Annual and Biennial Reports, 1892-1982. Many missing issues. Boxes 7221B, 7187C, 7228A, 7182B, 7287C

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of National Guard.
ESS-DEE, August, October-December 1913; January – March, May, 1914. Publication printed on the USS South Dakota. Box 3617A

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, LA-SD-Okla Provisional Regiment (2005-038)
OKLASODAK newsletter, 1916-1917. Newsletter published in San Benito, Texas by the soldiers of the Louisiana-South Dakota-Oklahoma provisional brigade. The microfilm includes the issues from August 25, 1916 through February 7, 1917 with one missing issue dated November 22, 1916. MF 5747

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of National Guard.
Rosters, 1887-1917. MF 1765-1766

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General Photo Collection (P104)
Military. Includes images of uniforms; Co. A 4th Reg. S.D.N.G.; and candid photos of target practice, meal time, and men in front of tents.

Hanson, Joseph Mills (H74-017) RESTRICTED
Papers, 1853-1939. Joseph Mills Hanson was born in Yankton in 1876. He served in the National Guard on the Mexican Border in 1916, and with the 147th AEF during World War I. He wrote for the publication, Stars and Stripes, and wrote the History of the American Combat Division, during his time in Europe. After returning to the United States he wrote for The Home Sector and The Independence. He was discharged in 1920. The South Dakota State Historical Society commissioned Hanson to write the book entitled South Dakota in the World War, 1917-1919. His manuscript of the book and correspondence regarding the book are in these papers. Also, included in the Hanson papers are 116th Supply Train Files, First South Dakota Cavalry Morning Reports, 1917; and Camp Cody Papers, 1917-1919.

Hardwick, Earl (H89-028 and H90-003)
Reminiscences of Military Experiences; South Dakota National Guard on the Mexican Border, 1916 and World War I. This collection consists of photographs and two cassette tape recordings. Hardwick made the recordings on his experiences on the Mexican Border and in World War I when he was about 90 years old. Box 5516B and MD 263.

Pacification in the Lower Valley of the Rio Grande, 1915-1917 (H76-044)
Manuscript, n.d. This collection consists of a photocopy of a manuscript. The bulk of the manuscript deals with General Robert L. Bullard. Bullard was in command of a brigade that included the 4th South Dakota Infantry Regiment in 1916. Box 3565A

Photographs (H97-055)
Military, 1864-1953. This is a large collection of military photographs. Included in this collection are several folders pertaining to the Mexican Border Affair. Box 6823-6827, FB 333 and MD263

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South Dakota National Guard (H74-028)
Papers, 1885-1981. The 4th South Dakota Infantry served in the Mexican Border in 1916 and 1917. The South Dakota National Guard Papers contain several folders on the 4th South Dakota Infantry. Box 3657A-3672

South Dakota National Guard (MF 40)
Rosters, 1885-1917. This includes a listing of the names, ranks, dates and locations of appointments for commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers. It also includes a register of men who transferred, were discharged or died. The register of enlisted men has an index and includes the name, rank, date of enlistment, age, occupation, address, discharge date and remarks. MF 1765

South Dakota National Guard (MF 40)
Rosters, 1908-1917. The roster includes the name, rank, date of enlistment, location of birth, maritial status, physical description, occupation, present address, discharge date, and remarks. Index is included. MF 1766

State Auditor. Office of the State Auditor. (81-042)
Military Vouchers and Special Telegraph Tax Receipts, 1898-1917. This collection contains pay vouchers for Mexican Border Service, April 23-25, 1917; and warrants and vouchers for board, lodging and fare for soldiers awaiting orders, 1898. Box 2178B

Wales, Boyd (H59-001)
Papers, 1916-1927. Wales served in the military during the Mexican Border affair and during World War I. These papers consist of letters, telegrams, certificates and citations, newsletters, pamphlets and newspaper clippings pertaining to his military service. Box 3649A and MD 63

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Jones County war veterans past and present : from the Civil War to the Persian Gulf War (1861-1991). Murdo, S.D. : Veterans Service Office, South Dakota Veterans Dept., [1995]

Langellier, J. Phillip. Fix bayonets : the U.S. infantry from the American Civil War to the surrender of Japan. London: Greenhill Books; Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books, 1998.

Mexican War. South Dakota Historical Collections. South Dakota State Historical Society: Pierre, S.D.

[Robinson, Will Grow]. Fourth South Dakota Infantry, Mexican Border Service. Sioux Falls, S.D. : Will A. Beach Printing Co., 1917

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