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Abild, Ethel Dowdell (H92-095 through H92-097)
Papers, 1913-1988. This collection consists of personal papers, manuscripts, and an audio recording of the Watertown American Legion Auxiliary Chorus. Boxes 491B and 493 A&B

American Legion (H75-229)
Post Application, 1933. This collection consists of an application and petition for an American Legion post named Swift Horse-Clown Post at the Cheyenne River Agency. Box 3544A

American Legion (H75-053)
General Files, 1929-1930. Lawrence K. Fox was the state historian of the American Legion and this collection consists of one folder of his notes and correspondence. Box 3554A 

American Legion (85-034)
Records, 1920-1968. This collection consists of State Convention Proceedings, 1920-1944; State programs, 1920-1964; and issues of the South Dakota Legionaire and the National Legionaire. Box 3725-3726A


American Legion, Pierre Post #8 (H74-171)
Biographical Sketches of Legionaires who served in World War I. Box 3475A

American Legion, Pierre Post #8 (H2001-060)
Publication, 2001. This collection consists of one edition of The Bugle, March 2001. Box 6991B

American Legion Auxiliary (H2003-025)
Records of the Petit Salon No. 745 (Eight & Forty), 1971-2003. Consists of club records such as minutes, reports, scrapbooks and correspondence. Box 7049B and FB34 

American Legion Auxiliary of South Dakota (H80-006, H95-041, H98-067, H99-024, H2000-025)
Collection, 1921-1997. The South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary, a women’s service organization, was created in 1921. This collection contains copies of the newsletters and publications, department histories, clippings, proceedings, yearbooks, and unit histories. The Gold Star Volume is a commemorative volume containing biographies and photographs honoring South Dakota’s WWI dead. Box 3716-3720, 5851-5856,6033A, 6888C, 6939-6940A, 6835, FB 381

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American Legion Caucus, St Louis, 1919 (H75-579M or MF 505)
Proceedings and Committees, May 8,9,10 1919. This is a microfilmed copy of a 177 page booklet for the caucus held in St. Louis. It contains the names of the advance committee, lists of delegates from each state, minutes, names of various committees and members of those committees, and a list of the state officers. MF 1848

Dollard, Robert (H20-001)
Family Papers, 1861-1918. Dollard was an army officer, attorney and politician. His papers contain records of his military career and his political career. Dollard served with Co. B. 4th Massachusetts Volunteers, and there are letters, military papers, and muster rolls in the collection as well as information on his association with the Dakota Department of the Grand Army of the Republic. Box 3649A, FB 22, MD 63

Grand Army of the Republic (H77-021)
Descriptive Book. Department of Dakota. John A. Rawlins Post, No. 27, Plankinton, 1885-1914. This book includes the name, age, birthplace, residence, occupation, date of entry into the service, date of discharge, and names of soldiers buried in Plankinton. MF 1949

Grand Army of the Republic (H79-002)
John B. Wyman Post 115 Certificate, 1885. This collection consists of one certificate for the John B. Wyman post in Wessington. MD 66

Grand Army of the Republic (H98-106)
National Encampment Books, 1914-1949. This collection consists of Journals of the National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic for the following years: 1914, 1915, 1916, 1924-1931, 1940-1945, and 1949. Box 6984B

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Grand Army of the Republic, Department of South Dakota (H74-014)
Records, 1882-1941. This collection contains national and state records which include journals, encampment books, individual post records, quartermaster record books and reports, adjutant reports, orders and circulars, department rosters, correspondence, muster rolls, membership information, clippings, programs, photographs, and post applications. Post information is included in this collection for the following towns: Alexandria, Bangor, Belle Fourche, Beresford, Cavour, Chamberlain, Dell Rapids, Esmond, Fort Randall, Geddes, Harrold, Hot Springs, Iroquois, Lennox, Madison, Miller, Oelrichs, Pierre, Plankinton, Salem, Selby, Sioux Falls, Springfield, Volga, Watertown, Wessington Springs, White Lake, and Yankton. Boxes 3378B-3389, 3391, MD 66, FB 59-61, FB 104

Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic (H77-003)
Records, 1932-1935. General George A. Custer Circle No. 6, Chamberlain. Records include correspondence, lists of members and officers, rituals, special programs, rules and regulations, order of meetings, and the proceedings of the 48th Annual National Convention. Box 3569A

Lake Madison Veteran Association (H74-045)
Ledger, 1887-1916. This ledger contains the constitution, by-laws and members present at the first through twenty-seventh annual encampments of the association. The ledger also contains meeting minutes for all of the encampments except for the eleventh and thirteenth. The rosters of the Womens’ Relief Corps for the twenty-sixth and twenty- seventh encampments is also included. FB 45.

Pierre Camp, Sons of Veterans (H88-046)
Minutes, 1912-1916. The Pierre Camp was organized in 1912 and was connected to the Grand Army of the Republic and composed of the sons of Union veterans. The Pierre Camp was eventually named the Sully Camp. Box 3752A

Sons of Veterans, South Dakota Division (H51-001)
Records, 1898-1912. This collection contains a register of charter members of the South Dakota Division, 1898-1902; an account book, 1890-1902; Address to the grand Army of the Republic, 1894, 1895 and 1897; circulars and General Orders, 1887, 1889, and 1895; Ritual and Ceremonials of the Sons of Veterans, 1911; a list of Sons of Veterans of Pierre, S.D., 1912; and a Horstmann Brothers & Co. Manufacturers of Sons of Veterans supplies catalog. Box 3300A

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United Spanish War Veterans (H85-039)
John W. Laughlin Auxiliary #9 Records, 1931-1957. This collection consists of a meeting minute book, 1931-1947; receipt books, convention proceedings of the National Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans, 1943; General Order, 1951-1956; and miscellaneous chapter correspondence and reports, 1955-1957. Box 3618B and 3619

United Spanish War Veterans (H74-059)
Sidney E. Morrison Auxiliary No. 4 records, 1934-1946. This collection consists of a minute book containing entries from February 7, 1934 through March 5, 1946, and a history of the auxiliary. Box 3450B

United Spanish War Veterans (H98-107)
Proceedings of the State Convention of the National Encampment of the United Spanish War Veterans, 1924-1955. (Some missing issues). Box 6990A&B

United Spanish War Veterans (H99-049)
Post 17, Aberdeen, History. This collection contains a history of the United Spanish War Veterans from Post 17 in Aberdeen. The history includes the names of those who attended a reunion in 1914. Box 6954A 

United Spanish War Veterans and Ladies Auxiliary (H87-054)
Records, 1925-1972. This collection includes state encampment booklets, national encampment books, copies of the by-laws and constitution, minutes, history of the department, rosters, correspondence, and orders. See finding aid. Boxes 6781-6783A

Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary (H95-023)
Department of South Dakota’s hospital book, 1939-1964. Members and friends of the Auxiliary signed their names in the book and paid one cent per letter for the privilege. The project was started in 1939 and ended in 1964. The book contains about 15,000 names and raised about $1800.00 for the men at the Battle Mountain Sanitarium, State Soldiers’ Home in Hot Springs, Royal C. Johnson Hospital, the Fort Meade Hospital, and the veterans at the State Hospital in Yankton. FB 148

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Kludt, August. 50th Anniversary veterans salute. Wessington Springs, S.D. : Willman-Fee Post 14, American Legion, 1968.

Murphy, John Linn. The American Legion in South Dakota, first quarter century. [S.I. : American Legion, Dept. of SD, 1949].

Rumer, Thomas A. The American Legion : An official history, 1919-1989. New York : M. Evans, 1990.

Van Loh, Muriel. God did it! : [the story of the Christian Servicemen’s Centers founded by E.W. Crockett. [Rantoul, I.L.] : Christian Service Centers, Inc., 1980.

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