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Arnold, Ben (H75-017)
Oral Interview Notebooks, 1920. Arnold was a soldier, Indian trader, cowboy, scout, wood cutter, miner and mail courier. This collection consists of fourteen notebooks that were compiled by Josephine Waggoner. The notebooks contain Arnold’s reminiscences of his time as an army scout in Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, and the Dakotas from 1864 to1877. Box 6821A

Ball, Thomas A. (H93-073)
Civil War era Correspondence, 1864-1866. Ball was a private in Company K, 32nd Iowa Regiment Volunteers, 2nd Division, 16th Corps. The correspondence is between Thomas and his family, specifically his wife Serilda Ballard Ball, and concerns his war experiences and wounds. In 1894 Thomas and his wife moved to Fall River County. Box 5557B

Bare, William A. (H70-005)
Papers, 1865-1914. Bare was a private and corporal in the 92nd Ohio Infantry. This collection consists of promotion and discharge papers as well as pension papers. Box 3343B

Berry, Baxter and Lyndall (H91-006)        
Civil War Letter by John Garrison, 1863. The letter was written by Lyndall Berry’s great grandfather, John Garrison to his wife Elizabeth. He references his duties at a hospital in Woodsonville, military engagements, slavery and a visit to the Mammoth Cave. Box 3998B

Bloodgood, Lewis E. (H75-036)
Letters and Manuscript, 1864. Bloodgood served in the Union forces during the Civil War until he was wounded in Mobile. His letters include description of duty, hospitalization and the reaction to Lincoln’s death. Box 3538A

Brinkley, Clara (H50-001)
Collection, 1949-1950. Daughters of Union Veterans War Roster and pamphlet. Box 3300A

Civil War Centennial Papers (H74-027)
Papers, 1961-1964. This collection consists of four boxes of brochures, newsletters, and pamphlets of other state commissions collected by the South Dakota State Civil War Centennial Commission. Box 3447A-3448B

Dakota Territory (H84-018)
Ag and Veteran Census, 1885. This collections consists of census record sheets recognizing Union Veterans living in Dakota Territory. FB 220

Dakota Territory (H82-018)
War Papers. Included with this collection is a typed manuscript entitled Dakota In the Civil War. The manuscript is undated and the author unknown. Box 3591A

Dollard, Robert (H20-001)
Family Papers, 1861-1918. Dollard was an army officer, attorney and politician. His papers contain records of his military career and his political career. Dollard served with Co. B. 4th Massachusetts Volunteers, and there are letters, military papers, and muster rolls in the collection. Box 3649A, FB 22, MD 63

English, Abner M. (H85-078)
Diaries, 1864. English served with Company A of the Dakota Cavalry Battalion. The two diaries describe the marches and movements of the Dakota Cavalry. A list of the sick in Company A is also included in the first diary. Box 3653A

Gardner, Captain C. V. (H75-172)
Diary, 1865. Gardner, Civil War Veteran, settled in Lawrence County after the war. The diary consists of 36 typescript pages containing succinct accounts. Box 3543A

General Photo Collection (P100)
Patriotic Photographs. Group photo of Civil War Veterans and Women’s Relief Corps of Lincoln County, undated.

General Photo Collection (P104)
Military. Miscellaneous Civil War uniforms.

Grand Army of the Republic (H77-021)
Descriptive Book. John A. Rawlins Post, No. 27. Department of Dakota. This book includes the name, age, birthplace, residence, occupation, date of entry into the service, and date of discharge. MF 1949

Grand Army of the Republic (H79-002)
John B. Wyman Post 115 Certificate, 1885. This collection consists of one certificate for the John B. Wyman post in Wessington. MD 66

Grand Army of the Republic (H98-106)
National Encampment Books, 1914-1949. This collection consists of Journals of the National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic for the following years: 1914, 1915, 1916, 1924-1931, 1940-1945, and 1949. Box 6984B

Grand Army of the Republic, Department of South Dakota (H74-014)
Records, 1882-1941. This collection contains national and state records which include journals, encampment books, individual post records, quartermaster record books and reports, adjutant reports, orders and circulars, department rosters, correspondence, muster rolls, membership information, clippings, programs, photographs, and post applications. Post information is included in this collection for the following towns: Alexandria, Bangor, Belle Fourche, Beresford, Cavour, Chamberlain, Dell Rapids, Esmond, Fort Randall, Geddes, Harrold, Hot Springs, Iroquois, Lennox, Madison, Miller, Oelrichs, Pierre, Plankinton, Salem, Selby, Sioux Falls, Springfield, Volga, Watertown, Wessington Springs, White Lake, and Yankton. Boxes 3378B-3389, 3391, MD 66, FB 59-61, FB 104  
South Dakota G.A.R. Deaths listed in Annual Journals     

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Irvine, Javan Bradley (H72-003, H75-016, H90-087, H90-088)
Letters, 1859-1902. Irvine, an army officer, served with the 1st Minnesota Volunteers in the Civil War and at Fort Rice, Fort Thompson and Fort Sully. This collection contains letters and clippings concerning the role of this unit. Boxes 3346A-3347B

Mellette, Arthur Calvin (H74-188)
Papers, 1889-1892. Arthur Calvin Mellette, the last Dakota Territory Governor and first Governor of South Dakota, served with Company H with the Ninth Indiana Volunteers from October 12, 1864 to September 28, 1865. This collection contains a typed copy of the diary that he kept during this military service. Box 3525B 

Military History of the Eleventh Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (H82-016)
Photocopy of the Official Military History of the 11th Kansas Cavalry, 1861-1865.  Originally organized ad the 11th Kansas Infantry it was changed to Cavalry in 1863. The regiments saw duty in Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. In 1865 the regiment was sent to Fort Riley, Fort Kearney and Fort Laramie for service on the Plains. They were relieved by the 1st Michigan Cavalry later in 1865. Box 3587A

Miscellaneous Civil War Items (H75-221 and H80-013)
This open collection consists of an edition of Harper’s Pictorial History of the Civil War, 1894; Photographic History of the Civil War, 1910; a sketch showing the action of the Reserve Commanded by Major General W.H.T. Walker at the Battle of Chickamaugua, 1863; poster of President Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg; and Loan Bond certificates from the Confederate States for $100.00, 1864. MD 63 and 75

Morrow, Stanley J. (P194-198)
Photograph Collection. This collection includes numerous photographs from the Civil War, including the Federal prison for Confederate prisoners at Point Lookout, M.A.; Stanley J. Morrow of Co. F 7th Wisconsin Iron Brigade; General Grant at Lookout Mountain, 1863-64; General Hooker and staff at Lookout Valley, 1863-64; President Jefferson Davis; Brigadier General James Barnes; Major A.G. Brady; General Beauregard; Lt. John M. Foote; General U.S. Grant; the effects of Union shot and shell on Culp’s Hill; Col. Chapman at his headquarters in the field army of the Potomac; Capitol at Richmond; General Hatch’s headquarters; house used as headquarters at Yorktown, V.A.; construction corps quarters; headquarters of Gen. Patrick’s scouts; and U.S. Barracks at St. Augustine, Fl.

Pickler, Major John A. (H91-074)
Family Papers, 1888-1907. Major John Alfred Pickler served in the Civil War with the Third Iowa Cavalry and commanded the 138th Regiment of the United States Colored Infantry after the war. This collection contains Civil War pension correspondence and petitions. Box 6673A&B

Pierre Camp, Sons of Veterans (H88-046)
Minutes, 1912-1916. The Pierre Camp was organized in 1912 and was connected to the Grand Army of the Republic and composed of the sons of Union veterans. The Pierre Camp was eventually named the Sully Camp. Box 3752A

Piner, Jennie Bean Sanders (H74-101)
Papers, 1856-1913. Jennie Bean Sanders Piner’s father, John Stewart Bean, was with the 16th Wisconsin Infantry and the 47th U.S. Colored Infantry. The majority of the papers are from his time in the Civil War although there are some papers from his later life in Dakota. Box 3471B and MD 63

Potter County Historical Association (H92-038)
Record of Potter County Civil War Veterans, 1992. Box 4564

Reed, Henry Marion, Jr. (H74-107)
Papers, 1862-1954. Reed was a Pierre jeweler and optometrist. One folder in his collection pertains to his father’s service in the Civil War. Included are appointments, discharge papers, and two articles written by Reed Sr., “What I Remember of Chickamauga” and “History of Co. K. Fourth Kentucky Infantry.” Box 3650A

Redfield, A.H. (H75-341)
Letters, 1856-1861. Redfield was a U.S. Indian Agent for the Yankton Indian Agency. In the letters to his cousin, John D. Caton, Redfield notes the disruption at the Agency by the upcoming Civil War.  Box 3550A
Redfield Letter

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Rhoads Family Papers (H91-016)
Civil War letter from Frank B. Hunt, 1862. Hunt was stationed four miles north of Nashville, TN when he wrote this letter to his family. Hunt was the Chief of the Ordinance Division at the Headquarters of the Sixth Division of the 14th Army Corps. Box 5201A

Robinson, Doane (H74-009)
Papers, 1880-1946. Robinson was the Secretary of the State Dakota State Historical Society. This collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and family genealogical notes. Folder 23 contains a Robinson letter dated November 17, 1922 which gives biographical sketches of three Civil War brigadier generals, Beadle, Campbell and McCook. Boxes 3356B; 3359A-3368B; MD 66 & 67; FB 31

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Rothhammer, Siegmund (H92-34 and H92-39)
Papers, 1863-1865. Includes letters to his wife, Rosanah Permilia Rothhammer, 1863-1864 and a journal, 1864-1865. Rothhammer, serving as hospital steward and naturalist with the 6th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, accompanied General Alfred Sully on the Northwestern Indian Expedition. He was left at Fort Rice because of illness, so much of the findings in his journal and reports contain descriptions of specimens found near that area in present-day North Dakota.

Seacat, Joseph (H51-002)
Letter, May 13, 1865. Seacat was a 1st Lt. Comdg. Co. D. with the 81st Indiana Volunteers. He wrote a letter to Brig. Gen. William D. Whipple requesting furlough for Sgt. Hough. Box 3300A

Smith, Joseph Howard (H75-523)
Papers, 1864-1916. Smith, a physician, served as a private in the Civil War. His papers include letters of recommendation, military orders and pension records for service with the 9th Michigan Infantry. Box 3650A

Soldier’s Letters (H75-206)
Letters, 1861-1867. The collection contains eight letters written by soldiers serving in Dakota during the Civil War. Although the letters are mostly personal some mention the conditions on the frontier. Box 3543B

Sons of Veterans, United States of America, South Dakota Division (H51-001)
Records, 1890-1902. This collection consists of an account book, 1890-1902 and a register of charter members, 1898-1902. Box 3300A

South Dakota State Library (S49-001)
Microfilm. Miscellaneous subjects included on microfilm including Civil War news and Civil War. MF 2049 and 2050.

Special Census of Confederate Veterans Living in Dakota Territory in 1885 (H80-007)
Special Census, 1885. This collection consists of census record sheets recognizing Confederate Veterans living in Dakota Territory in 1885. The collection lists the name, regiment, date of enlistment, state of nationality, date of termination of service, and the date the veteran came to Dakota.  Box 3584A

Stewart, James H. (H78-017)
Civil War Letters, 1864. Stewart wrote four letters to his father or brother while serving with Co. A. 61st Reg. Penn. Volunteers. Box 3571A

Todd, John Blair Smith (H75-015)
Papers, 1848-1918. Todd came to Dakota under General Harney in 1855. In 1856 he returned to Dakota and became a post trader at Fort Randall. President Lincoln commissioned him a brigadier general during the Civil War. This collection contains clippings, manuscripts and correspondence as well as an untitled map of the area around Corinth, MS which shows the placement of troops during the Civil War. Box 3536B

Civil War maps, 1876-1877. U.S. Chief of Engineers. Battlefields, military reconnaissance. (MD 75)

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Bowman, Samuel Millard. Sherman and his campaigns; a military biography. New York: C. B. Richardson, 1865.

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Brown, Dee Alexander. The galvanized Yankees. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1963.

Civil War. South Dakota Historical Collections. South Dakota State Historical Society: Pierre, S.D.

Connecticut military and naval leaders in the Civil War. [Hartford] : Connecticut Civil War Centennial Commission, [1961].

Dollard, Robert. Recollections of the civil war and going west to grow up with the country. Scotland, S.D.: Robert Dollard, 1906.

Fawcett, Winifred. Veterans of the Civil War who settled in Potter County, Dakota Territory. Gettysbury, S.D.: Winifred Fawcett and Thelma Hepper, 1993. 

Grafton, Walter M. Memorial address delivered by Rev. Walter M. Grafton, Ph.d., Sunday morning, May 29, 1904 in the Baptist Church, Dell Rapids, South Dakota. Dell Rapids, S.D. : Tribune Job Print, 1904.

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Hazen, William Babcock. A Narrative of military service, by General W.B. Hazen. Boston: Ticknor and Company, 1885.

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Jones County war veterans past and present : from the Civil War to the Persian Gulf War (1861-1991). Murdo, S.D. : Veterans Service Office, South Dakota Veterans Dept. [1995]

List of Pensioners on the roll January 1, 1883; giving the names of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the post-office address, the rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance, as called for by Senate resolution of December 8, 1882. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1970.

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Mellette, Arthur Calvin. The Civil War Diary of Arthur Calvin Mellette. Watertown, S.D. : Codington County Historical Society Inc., Kampeska Heritage Museum, 1983. 

Mellette, Margaret Wylie. Maggie : The Civil War diary of Margaret Wylie Mellette. Watertown, S.D. : Codington County Historical Society Inc., Kampeska Heritage Museum, 1983.

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Military Operations of the Civil War; a guide-index to the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865. Washington DC: Govt. Printing off., 1968-1980.

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Miller, Francis Trevelyan. The Photographic history of the Civil War. New York : The Review of Reviews Co., 1911.

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Rosholt, Jerry. Ole goes to War: men from Norway who fought in America’s Civil War. Decorah, Iowa: Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, 2003.

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