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Anderson, Lt. Charles D. (H75-253)
Report, 1859. This is a thirteen page report written by Anderson describing a 20 day, 350 mile journey from Fort Laramie to Fort Randall in June and July 1859. The purpose of the journey was to determine the quality of the route in order to transport mail, troops, munitions of war and for purposes of emigration. Box 3544B

Atkins, Captain George. (MF 481)
Diary, 1864. Atkinson was with Company G of the 8th Minnesota Infantry. This is a microfilmed copy of his diary from Ft. Ridgley to Killdeer Mt. and on to Yellowstone and the return to Ft. Ridgely, June 2, 1864 to September 26, 1864. 3240 MF

Bear Necklace (H76-027)
Discharge Paper, 30 June 1877. Consists of the discharge papers from the United States Army as an Indian Scout. Box 3650A

discharge paper

Brennan, John R. (H72-002)
Family Papers, 1882-1972. Major Brennan was the Superintendent of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This collection primarily contains correspondence, diaries, clippings and financial records pertaining to his role in this capacity as well as his ownership of Hotel Harney in Rapid City. Folder 1 of this collection contains a typescript copy of the 1877 Act of Congress to ratify the treaty of 1876. Box 3344B

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Dakota Territorial Records (MF 1)
Records, 1861-1889. This collection contains microfilmed records of the Supreme Court, legislature, and governors and secretaries’ correspondence. (MF1313-1389)

Dakota Territory. Adjutant General
Annual and Biennial Reports, January 1887; September 1888; December 1889. Box 7253B

Dakota Territory. Militia. (SC 60)
First Dakota Cavalry Descriptive Book, 1863-1865. Company B of the First Dakota Cavalry was organized in 1863 and mustered out in 1865. This book contains a list of officers, a descriptive roll of the company, register of deaths and desertions, and some information on Company A. FB 44


Davison County. Register of Deeds (99-079, 99-88)
Military Duty Lists, 1889-1894. Information contains the names, ages, and hometowns of persons liable to perform military duty in Davison County. Box 7085B

DeWitt, Louis (H75-414)
Diary and newspaper articles, 1877 and 1917. DeWitt was an Indian Scout for General E.A. Carlington and he played a part in the surrender of the Cheyenne at Chardon Creek, Nebraska in 1878. This collection contains a newspaper article from the Pierre Capital Journal about the event. The collection also includes DeWitt’s diary from April 26 to August 10, 1877 describing army life on a trip up the Yellowstone River. Box 3553A

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Edgerton, Alonzo Jay (H75-416)
Letter, 20 April 1863. This collection consists of a letter written by Edgerton, Captain of Company B, Tenth Minnesota Infantry, to the United State Quarter Master General. Box 3650A

First South Dakota Infantry (H92-081)
Photograph and General Orders, 1889. This collection consists of a photograph of one unknown soldier from the 1st South Dakota Infantry and General Orders #29. Box 5510B

General Photo Collection (H87-042)
Governor L.K. Church and 14 military officers, [1889]. The names of the officers are included with the photograph. MD 263

General Photo Collection (P104)
Military. Includes Sully Expedition photos; Carnahan’s Co. of the 12th Infantry marching, 1889; and Co. A 51st Iowa Infantry.

Illingworth, William H. (P176)
Photograph Collection. Photographer, Illingworth accompanied the Custer Expedition to the Black Hills in 1874. Among this collection are images of Custer’s camp at Hiddenwood; camp at Limestone Peak; Captain Smith, the Wagonmaster; Custer’s permanent camp at French Creek; camp on Castle Creek; Custer’s Wagon train on the prairie; wagon train through Castle Creek Valley; Custer with grizzly bear; and a group photo of the first Black Hills Expedition, 1874.

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Luther, Conrad (H95-033)
U.S. Army Discharge Certificate, 1879.Luther was a first Sergeant in the First Infantry at the Rosebud Agency. This collection consists of one hand written discharge document. Box 6033A

Madison, T. C. (H75-191)
Letter, May 13, 1856. Surgeon Madison described the terrain around the Big Sioux River and his efforts to move his hospital due to a flood in a letter to the Office of the Surgeon General. Box 3543B
Military History of the Eleventh Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (H82-016)
Photocopy of the Official Military History of the 11th Kansas Cavalry, 1861-1865. This regiment fought in Indian Territory, Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas before being transferred to Dakota Territory in 1865. Box 3587A

Morrow, Stanley J. (P194-198)
Photograph Collection. Includes the following images: General Crook’s army in camp near Buffalo Gap, soldiers fighting over horse meat; army in camp on French Creek; 5th Cavalry leaving Custer City, and Lt. Crosby.

Niles, Frank William (H76-004)
Letters, 1863-1865. Niles was a trooper with the Iowa 6th Cavalry. This collection consists of copies of letters written by Niles on duty in Dakota to his family in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Box 3563B

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Roach, George Henderson (H74-169)
Papers, 1873-1904. George Henderson Roach served with the 26th Illinois Infantry in the Civil War and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant of the 17th Infantry and sent to Dakota Territory. He served at many of the army posts in Dakota and at one time served with General George A. Custer. This collection consists of five military commissions and a Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States certificate. MD 66

Robinson, Doane (H74-009)
Papers, 1880-1946. This collection combines South Dakota historian, Doane Robinson’s personal papers and the papers of the South Dakota State Department of History. This collection contains letters from A.M. English about the 1st Dakota Cavalry and a letter from William Brewster detailing his service with the cavalry in 1867. Folder 106 contains correspondence with George Kingsbury about the 1st Dakota Cavalry and a roster of Company B. Box 3361B

South Dakota. Governor Arthur C. Mellette (H94-041)
Records, 1862-1930. This collection includes military and other correspondence, letterbooks, manuscripts, and speeches. MF 3506

South Dakota. Governor William A. Howard (H75-004)
Records, 1862-1878. This collection includes correspondence concerning military discharges, the Secretary of Dakota Territory, and Howard’s appointment as governor. Box 3536A

South Dakota National Guard (H74-028)
Papers, 1885-1981. The South Dakota National Guard was organized in 1884 with two regiments of infantry and one of artillery. Several folders in this collection contain records that pertain to this early period in South Dakota National Guard history. The collection contains reports of the Adjutant General of Dakota Territory, Special Orders Book from the Territorial Adjutant General’s office, loose copies of special orders, General Order Book from Territorial Adjutant General’s office, roster of Dakota Territory National Guard for 1885-1889, militia pay warrants issued to South Dakotans, and copies of laws passed in 1885 and 1887. Boxes 3657A-3672

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Taylor, John L. (H75-198)
Letter and Petition, 1874. John L. Taylor wrote a letter to the Acting Governor of Dakota Territory, Oscar Whitney, asking permission to form a militia for Clay County. This collection includes the handwritten letter, a typescript copy of the letter and the petition. Box 3543B

United States. Army. (H75-067)
Muster Roll and Pay roll, August 31, and October 31, 1856. This collection contains oversize sheets of muster roll and pay roll records for Company H of the 6th U.S. Infantry. The records contain the name, rank, enlistment and pay information and miscellaneous remarks on the soldiers. MD 067

United States. Army. (H74-002)
Signal Corps Weather Reports, 1877-1891. This collection consists of six volumes of weather records kept at Deadwood and Rapid City, Dakota Territory by the Signal Service and Signal Corps. Box 3351B

United States. War Department, Adjutant General. (H75-326)
Major Henry Martyn Lazelle Report, 1877. Lazelle describes his reconnaissance of the Little Missouri and the south fork of the Grand River in what is now Harding County. He mentions an encounter with Indians. Box 3550A

United States. War Department. Adjutant General’s Office (MF 13)
Annual Report, October 1, 1879. Department of Dakota Annual report, detailing troop locations and activities including action against a group of hostile Cheyenne Indians and the capture of Little Wolf. MF 1591

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United States. War Department. Adjutant General’s Office. (MF 9)
Letters Received, 1861-1889. The Adjutant General’s Office kept records, orders and correspondence regarding the Army and the militia. These letters were sent by officers, enlisted men, the Secretary of State, the President, Governors, private persons, and other government officials. (MF1536-1581)

United States. War Department. Adjutant General’s Office. (97-083)
Letters Received, 1875-1880; 1886-1888. The Adjutant General’s Office kept records, orders and correspondence regarding the Army and the militia. These letters were sent by officers, enlisted men, the Secretary of State, the President, Governors, private persons, and other government officials. MF 5018-5025

United States. War Department. Adjutant General’s Office (97-083)
Returns from Regular Army Cavalry Regiments, 1874-1900. MF 5030-5033

United States. War Department. Adjutant General’s Office (97-083)
Returns from Regular Army Infantry Regiments, 1874-1882. MF 5017

United States. War Department. Adjutant General’s Office (97-083)
Returns from United States Military Posts, 1865-1891. MF 5026-5031

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Historic Sites along the Missouri, undated. Forts, Indian villages, trading posts. (#701)

Lt. Warren’s Report….In the Dacota Country, 1855. Military reconnaissance of Dakota. (#2376)

Map of Lt. Warren’s Route, 1885. Dakota Territory. (#223)

Map of Lt. Warren’s Route, 1929.South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana. (#224)

Map of Nebraska & Dakota/ Parts of bordering states, 1867. Geography, Indian Tribes, forts. (#1867-1868)

March of Big Horn and Yellowstone Expedition, August 4 to October 1874. MF 495 (1846 MF)

Military map of Nebraska and Dakota, 1855. U.S. War Department. Explorations made by G.K. Warren in 1855 in Dakota Territory. (#1863-1866)

Military map of Nebraska and Dakota, 1856. U.S. War Department. Military survey map by G.K. Warren. (#1951-1952)

Minnesota and Dakota, Route of Northwestern Indian Expedition, D.L. Kingsbury.1864 MF 495 (1846 MF)

Reconnaissance in the Dakota Country, 1855-1857. Dakota and Nebraska surveyed by Lt. G.K. Warren and others (#1954-1956)

Reconnaissance’s in Dacota Country, 1855. Warren, Long, Nicollet, Fremont and Stansbury routes (#264-266)

Route of Custer Expedition, Rand McNally & Co., 1875 MF 495 (1846 MF)

Route of Lt. Warren from Fort Laramie to Bear Butte, 1929. Dakota Territory. (#280)

Route of Sioux Expedition, Brig. Gen. H.H. Sibley, 1863 MF 495 (1846 MF)

Sites of Military Forts and Battles, undated. Sites in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. (#235)

The Military in South Dakota, 1823-1944. Expedition routes, battles with Indians. (#2082)

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Militia, Dakota 1862

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