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South Dakota State Soldiers’ Home, Hot Springs.

                Dakota Soldier’s Home in Hot Springs was established “in accordance with a resolution adopted by the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Dakota, at its fifth annual encampment held at Redfield in March 1888.” Its purpose was to provide a home for all honorably discharged soldiers, sailors and marines who had served in the U.S. Army or Navy who were disabled in any way. The institution was controlled by the Board Commissioners selected by the Governor of the Territory. (Laws of Dakota, 1889 Ch 11, s.1,7) The Laws of 1895 include provisions for the wives or widows of disabled, honorably discharged veterans. (Session Laws, 1895, Ch. 169, s.3) In 1911 the control of the home was put under a state board of managers consisting of three members appointed by the governor for terms of six years (Session Laws, 1911, Ch 230, s. 1, 2) but the terms of office were changed to two years in 1917. (Session Laws, 1917, Ch. 345, s.2) The name was changed in 1967 to “South Dakota State Veterans Home.”  (Session Laws, 1967, Ch. 176)


Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home

            Annual and Biennial Reports, 1922, 1924-1930, 1935-1937, 1942-1944, 1981-1982. Box 7211C

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home

            Board of Commission of Soldiers Home Report, 1892. Box 7211C

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-075)

            Correspondence, 1917-1937. Collection consists of letters sent and received by the State Veterans Home. Box 2107-2108

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home (84-075)

            Letterpress Books, March 1893-October 1903. Consists of copies of letters sent. V 1723-1725

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Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home.

            State Veterans’ Home, State Home News, 1979; 1980; 1981; 1982. Many missing issues. Box 7211C

Board of Charities and Corrections, Division of Veterans’ Home.

            State Veterans’ Home News, 1986, 1987, 1988.  FB 481

Civilian Conservation Corps (89-88; 87-159; 88-150; 90-120; 93-97)

            Records, 1934-1942. Includes regulations, service record cards, photographs, and discharge papers for Civilian Conservation Camps in South Dakota. Boxes 691-702; 486; 1779A; 2280Al; 3261A; 5683; and 5777B

Department of Executive Management. Gubernatorial Division. Governor George S. Mickelson (94-039)

            General Files, 1987-1993. This collection contains a series of general office files arranged by subject matter that were collected during George S. Mickelson’s term as Governor. Of particular interest are the folders under the heading of Military and Veterans Affairs. There are sub-headings for Selective Service, Veterans Affairs, Veterans Home, National Guard, and Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  Box 5794

Department of Legislative Audit. Auditor General (88-172)

            Audit Reports, 1974-1988. Audit reports contain financial statements concerning receipts and expenditures; commentary on recordkeeping practices and suggestions for improving those procedures. The department of Military and Veterans Affairs is included in this collection. Box 3841

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Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of National Guard (96-093)

            Photographs, 1926-1993. Photographs of Camp Rapid, Rapid City. Includes aerial photographs, encampments, building and training photos.  Box 5976

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of National Guard (96-120)

            Reports, 1968-1978. South Dakota National Guard Officer Directory, 1978; and National Guard Emergency Operations Manual, 1968-1970. Box 4613.

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of the Secretary

            Annual and Biennial Reports, 1962-1970. Box 7287B

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs (83-064)

            Grave Registrations, 1920-1970. Organized by county and listing the names of veterans in the cemeteries. Boxes 1063 and 1064.

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs

            Northern Branch of the National Home, 1896. Box 7226B

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Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Division of Veterans Affairs (86-080; 88-041, H82-043)

            Vet Letter, 1974-1992. Many missing issues. Newsletters with narratives on activities of veteran’s organizations and articles on issues of importance to veterans. Box 2324B, 3592A and 7304B

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Office of Adjutant General (87-56)

            Annual Report of the Adjutant General State of South Dakota, FY 1979,1980. Consists of a report of activities for the Adjutant General’s office, National Guard, Emergency Disaster Services Division and the Division of Veterans Affairs. Also contains a list of names and ranks of active members of the South Dakota Army and Air National Guard for that time period.  Box 1866

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Office of Adjutant General (96-190)

            Correspondence, 1983-1992. Box 4713

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Office of Adjutant General

            MILAAC, 1973. (Military Ambulance Assistance to Communities) Box 7211C

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Office of Adjutant General

            National Guard Museum Memorandum for Board Members, July 1999-August 2002. Box 7211C

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Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Office of Adjutant General

            South Dakota National Guard, June 1, 1904. Box 7187C

General Photo (H93-090)

            Military Panoramic photos and posters, 1885-1951.  Includes Taft Inaugural, Washington, 1909, picturing the South Dakota National Guard Band. MD 8, 96, 262 and 263

General Photo Collection (P104)       

            Military. Includes images of miscellaneous military uniforms and unidentified groups of people. 

General Photo Collection (P145)

            Weapons. Photographs of the Colt Peacemaker .45 calibre; Colt Wells Fargo model .31 calibre; Colt Navy Model.36 calibre; Colt Texas Paterson .40 calibre; Colt Army Model .44 calibre and miscellaneous Colts, Smith & Wessons, Remingtons, and Derringers.

General Photo Collection (P100)

            Patriotic Groups. Groups of people in pageants, reunions, celebrations, DAR, GAR, Red Cross.

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Herreid, Charles N. (H74-192)

            Papers, 1899-1905.  Herreid was the governor of South Dakota from 1901 to 1905. This collection consists of correspondence, proclamations, bills and appointments from his years in office. There are folders of Quartermaster reports, 1902, 1903, 1904; South Dakota National Guard Reports, 1904; listings of Articles lost, militia, 1904; annual return of Quartermaster’s supplies, 1905; articles received, militia, 1905; and articles lost or destroyed, militia, 1904. Boxes 3531-3532 and MD 64

Land Patents (H95-016)

            Military Patent belonging to Charles N. Cooper, 1868. This collection consists of one military patent granting bounty land to Charles N. Cooper in township 93 range 62 section 23. FB 165

Microfilm Collection (MF 505)

            Contains Crow Creek Veterans of Korean War information, American Legion Caucus in St. Louis, 1919 information, World War I Bonus payroll and official Lineage of Battle Honors: 88th Division. MF 1848

Official Statement of Lineage and Battle Honors (MF 505)

            147th Field Artillery and 643rd Field Artillery. Lists the history of both home station and campaign streamers. MF 1848

Patriotic Christian League, First South Dakota Infantry (H75-130)

            Constitution and Minutes, 1898-1899. This collection consists of a hand-written constitution of a religious organization created by soldiers. Box 3452B

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Paulson, Florence H. (H91-080)

            Army Nurse Corps Records, 1918, 1919, 1922, 1932.  This collection consists of Federal documents such as certificate of identity, list of installations where Paulson was stationed, worker’s permit, assignment to Nurses mobilization station in New York City, and discharge destination paper. Box 4543A

Pierre Military School (H74-163)

            Records, 1909. This collection contains financial estimates, stock subscription list and floor plans for the proposed boys’ military school in Pierre. Box 3475A

Robinson, Doane (H74-009)

            Papers,1880-1946.  This collection combines South Dakota historian, Doane Robinson’s personal papers and the papers of the South Dakota State Department of History.  This collection contains a letters dated 1924 listing South Dakota graduates of and enrolled students at Annapolis, 1897-1927 and West Point, 1900-1928.  Folder 25, Box 3359B

Schuler, Harold H. (H95-010)

            Papers, 1989-1992.  This collection includes eighty-six photographs of Camp Rapid collected by the donor who used them for research purposes to write the book, “Camp Rapid, Home of the South Dakota National Guard”  in 1995. Camp Rapid was created in 1932 and was the training area for the South Dakota National Guard. Box 5976

Camp Rapid
Aerial view of Camp Rapid, 1950

South Dakota. Governor Robert S. Vessey (H74-184)

            Records, 1909-1927. Collection includes political and military correspondence, proclamations, and endorsements. Boxes 3486A-3498B

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South Dakota. Governor  Samuel Harrison Elrod (H74-187, 88-018)

            Records, 1904-1907. Collection includes proclamations, general correspondence, correspondence concerning military affairs, state departments and agencies, federal agencies and officials, the Lewis and Clark Centennial and Ute Indians. Boxes 3523A-3524A; 3255B

South Dakota National Guard (H74-028)

            Papers, 1885-1981. The 147th Army Band was organized as part of the 147th Field Artillery Regiment in 1921. The 1743rd Transportation Company was organized in 1968 and the lineage is included in this collection. The 196th Infantry Regiment was assigned to the South Dakota National Guard in 1946 as part of the 196th Regimental Combat Team. This collection contains history on the 196th Infantry and rosters of the component units. The 153rd Engineer Battalion was organized in 1956. The 147th Field Artillery Group-Headquarters and Headquarters Battery was reorganized and re-designated in 1978.  The lineage for this group is included in this collection. Boxes 3657A-3672; 7033A-7034B; FB 36-38; 57-58; and MD 67 & 106

South Dakota National Guard Museum (H99-006)

            Records, 1994. This collection consists of financial reports, listings of members of clubs, minutes and lists of projects. Box 6906A

State Employment Service (H82-042)

            Veterans Employment Records, 1936-1941. This collection contains a manual outlining work opportunities for veterans, 1936; circulars; and Veteran’s Placement Service Monthly Newsletter, 1939-1941. Box 3591B

White Horse, George (H84-005)

            Discharge Papers, 1927.  White Horse served as a Private in the Second Infantry, Company I, U.S. Army from 1891 through 1894. This collection consists of one certificate of an Honorable Discharge date 1927. Box 3615B


A Census of pensioners for revolutionary or military services; with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several judicial districts, under the act for taking the sixth census. Washington : Blair and Rives, 1841.

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Brooks, Nathan Covington. A Complete history of the Mexican War (1865-1848), its causes, conduct Consequences. Comprising an account of the various military and naval operations, from its commencement to the treaty of peace. Chicago : Rio Grande Press, [1965]

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Crow, Jewell Lofland. History of the family of Lofland in America and related families; their related settlements, migrations, marriages, [and] military achievements. [Dallas]: Crow, 1956.

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Essays in some dimensions of military history. Carlisle Barracks, P.A.: US Army Military History Research Collection, 1972.

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History of federal agencies; Aberdeen, South Dakota, 1881-1981. [Aberdeen, S.D. :North Plains Press], 1981.

History of Hardin County, Iowa, together with sketches of its towns, villages and townships, educational, civil, military and political history, and biographies of representative citizens. History of Iowa, embracing accounts of the prehistoric races, and a brief review of its civil political and military history. Springfield, I.L.: Union Publishing Co., 1883.

History of Kossuth, Hancock, and Winnebago counties, Iowa; together with sketches of their cities, villages, and townships, educational, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons, and biographies of representative citizens. History of Iowa, embracing accounts of the prehistoric races, and a brief review of its civil and military history. Springfield, I.L. : Union Publishing Co., 1884.

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Watson, Winslow C. The military and civil history of the county of Essex, New York; and a general survey of its physical geography, its mines and minerals, and  industrial pursuits, embracing an account of the  northern wilderness; and also the military annals of the fortresses of Crown Point and Ticonderoga. Albany, N.Y.:   J. Munsell, 1869.

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Johnson’s Nebraska, Dakota, Idaho and Montana, 1865. Showing military trails. (#2141)

Map of Early Trails, undated. Indian, Military and Pioneer trails. (#219)

Map of a Reconnaissance of the Black Hills, 1874. Rivers, hills, past military explorations, trails. (#2378)

Map of the route passed over by Co. “I” 1st Dragoon, undated. Route of military. (MD 82)

Minuteman Missile Deployment Sites Near Ellsworth Air Force Base, 1991 (MD 98)

Historical Map of the United States, 1953. Including historic sites, highways and battlefields. National Geographic map (MD 79)

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Army Air Forces Technical School, Sioux Falls
Ellsworth Air Force Base
Military camps and assignments
Military History
Minuteman missile sites
State Veterans’ Home
Veterans Day
West Point graduates from South Dakota, 1890-1932

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