Biographical File Index

The Biographical File collection consists of various information collected on specific individuals.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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N - Miscellaneous

Naber, Emily

Narcelle, Joe

Nash Family

Nash, George W.

Nash, Newman Curtis

Nauman, Dean S.

Neal, David George

Neihardt, John G.

Neilan, Norman

Nelson, Dorothy Peterson

Nelson, Jim

Nelson, John S.

Nelson, Klondy

Nelson, Larry

Nelson, Lawrence Emerson

Nelson, Louis Sander

Nelson, Martha

Nelson, Matthew “Battling”

Nelson, Robert “Goldbug”

Nelson, Selmer

Nelson, Wilmar D.

Nerger, Edwin L.

Neuharth, Allen

Newark, S.D.

Newcombe, Mattie Goff

Nicholson, Dr. Thomas

Nicohl, Fred

Nicolay, Janice K.

Nicollet, Joseph N.

Nist, Ted

Nixon, Patricia Ryan

Nixon, Richard (Pres.)

No Heart

Noem, Rollie

Nolin, Charles

Norz, Matt & Sylvia

Norbeck, Peter

Norbeck, Mrs. Peter

Nordby, Earl

Nordness, Reinhart L.

Nordstrom, Paul E.

Noren, Alfred (Polly Nelson)

Norgaard, N.J.

Norman, Edith V. Roy

Norris, Kathleen

North, Harriet & Noah

Norton, Smith

Notmeyer, Henry Louis

Notson, G. T.

Nuttall, Thomas

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