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Established in 1997, the South Dakota Historical Society Press is committed to producing books that reflect the rich and varied history of South Dakota and the region. As part of the South Dakota Historical Society, the Press preserves, researches, and promotes the evidence of South Dakota's colorful culture and heritage. The Press has achieved a reputation for publishing well-researched and scholarly books of the highest standard, and it consistently produces popular books that are both accurate and enjoyable.

The South Dakota Historical Society Press has published 52 books, for which it has received 41 awards. The SDHS Press aims to build on its reputation and on its award-winning series as it reaches into the future. The goal is to complement the existing catalog with books on new aspects of South Dakota history, as well as books for young readers, a biographical series featuring some of the most important and influential figures in the region's past, and the continuation of the highly successful Historic Preservation series.

The State Historical Society also publishes a quarterly journal, South Dakota History. The multi-award winning journal contains scholarly articles on the political, social, ethnic, economic, institutional and architectural history of the Northern Great Plains, as well as biographies and historiographies of the same region. South Dakota History is a benefit of membership in the South Dakota State Historical Society.

"The publications of the South Dakota Historical Society Press are a combination of the highest order of writing, research, and quality. I continue to look forward to the SDHS Press publishing award-winning books on South Dakota’s history and heritage for many years to come."—Sen. Tom Daschle

"The books that the South Dakota Historical Society Press publishes keep South Dakota’s heritage alive. Through its many activities, the Historical Society is introducing new generations to our story as South Dakotans."—Sen. John Thune

"The SDHS Press acquires and publishes outstanding manuscripts that contribute to a greater understanding of our state and regional history. It is the source when it comes to South Dakota history."—Donald Simmons, Executive Director, McGovern Center for Leadership and Public Service, Dakota Wesleyan University

"The South Dakota Humanities Council always looks forward to featuring new offerings from the South Dakota Historical Society Press. The books represent the best of the state's amazing culture and heritage and guarantee access for future generations."—Sherry DeBoer, Executive Director, South Dakota Humanities Council

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