Biographical File Index

The Biographical File collection consists of various information collected on specific individuals.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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O- Miscellaneous

Oaks, Barbara

O’Brien, Cornelia Wood Maddox

O'brien, Dan

O’brien, Francis Burke

O’Brien, Pat Adam

Ochs, Ellen

Ochsner, Adam

Ochsner, Dr. Alton

October 1998

Odell, Thomas Edward

O’Flaherty, Coleman E.

O’gorman, Bishop Thomas

O'harra, Cleophas C.

O’Hern, Jennie M.

O’Holland, Chief

Oihduze, Chief

Old Man Afraid Of His Horse

Oldaker, Lynn

Oligmueller, Joe and Sharon

Oliver, Henry W.

Olseth, O.H.

Olsgaard, John Newman

Olsen, O.H.

Olson Family

Olson, Arlo L.

Olson, Dr. Edward

Olson, Gary D.

Olson, Ole Sr.

One Bull

O’neal, Leo O.

Opp Family

Orcutt, I. H.

Ordway, Col. George

Ordway, Gov. Nehemiah

Ortez Bicente

Osborn, Campbell

Osborn, Henry Fairfield

Oschenreiter, Louis G.

Osmun Family

Ostenso, Martha

Ostrander, Maj. A.B.

Otherday, John

Over, Dr. W. H.

Over, W.H.

Overgard, Zeta

Ovesen, Ellis

Owens, Gary

Oxtoby, Frederic B.

Oyan, Ethel Ranney

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