Biographical File Index

The Biographical File collection consists of various information collected on specific individuals.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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T- Miscellaneous

Taber, Clarence W.

Tacket, Charles

Taft, President W.H.

Tait, Frank

Tainter, Rev. Daniel

Tallent, Annie Donna

Tarbell Family

Tatro, May Phillips

Taubman, Edward

Taylor, Charlotte

Taylor, Edward

Taylor, Ellen Dupois

Taylor, Gilbert B.

Taylor, Joseph

Taylor, Katherine Sprague

Taylor, Kathleen

Taylor, W.W.

Tellinghuisen, Roger A.

Temmey, Leo A.

Templemann, J.N.

Terry, Rex

Termis, Dick

Tewksbury, George and Joanna

Theim, Emil

Theisz, R. D.

Thode. Earl

Thomas, Jess

Thomas, “Smokey”

Thomas, Richard H.

Thomas, Roger John

Thompson, A. A.

Thompson, Crozier

Thompson, Mary Bel

Thompson, Oskar

Thompson, Peter

Thoms, Craig S.

Thomsen, Gordon

Thomson, Frank Selee

Thorne, Charles E. VFW Post 203

Thorowgood Family

Thorpe, Cleata

Thorsness, Leo

Thrall, William Herbert

Throckmorton Family


Thune, Harrold

Thune, John

Thurlow/Krueger (Paul & Emma)

Thye, Gov. Edward J.

Tjaden, SA

Tibbs, Casey

Tidball, Rose Tomac

Tiffany, Burton Ellsworth

Tiggs, Theodore Foster

Tilden, Horace W.

Tilford, Joseph

Tilgner, Inez

Tilton, Horace G.

Tinan, Clate

Tingley, Kay

Tingley, Ralph Russell

Tipton, Mary

Todd, Green D.

Todd, J.B.S.

Todd, James Edward

Torgerson, Jay

Torp, Thaddeus

Tostlebe, Milton F.

Towey, Thomas/Bridget

Towne, Marian Kleinsasser

Townley, A.C. (Arthur Charles)

Townsend, Delo

Townsend, Dr. Francis

Townsley, John Boyd

Tracy, Family

Tracy, Geo W.

Trask, Howard

Traversie Family

Travis, Walter “Speedy”

Tre Fethren, Eugene Byron

Trevillyan, John

Tripp, Bartlett

Tripp, Robert B.

Trudeau, John Baptiste

Trumbo, Frank

Trumbull Family

Trygstad, Carl O.

Tucker, Duane

Tufts, James

Tull, Jewel Bothwell

Tullis, Lucy Mary

Tupper, Frieda Batterman

Turchen, Lesta Vanderwert

Turman, Mary

Turnbbull, Susan

Turner, George

Turner, John Lewis

Turner, William

Two Bear, Basil

Two Hawk, Webster

Two Heart, Francis

Two Kettle

Two Sticks

Two Strike

Twomey, Katherine

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