Vertical File Index

The Vertical File collection consists of various information collected on specific historic topics.  The file folders themselves are available only at the State Archives. 

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AAUW - Pierre Chapter's Women in SD History" Pageant, 1974

Aberdeen I - II - III


Academy, SD

Ada, SD

Adams Museum and House, Deadwood, SD



Agar, SD

Agriculture I - II - III

Agriculture Heritage Museum - Brookings

Ahnberg, SD


Aircraft I - II

Air Disasters

Air & Space Museum - Ellsworth Air Force Base

Akaska, SD

Aladdin, SD

Albee, SD

Alcester, SD

Alpena, SD

Alexandria, SD

Alkali, SD

Allen, SD

Allentown, SD

Alpha, SD

Altamont, SD

Altitudes of SD Towns

Ambulances (Early)

America’s Holiday Tree

American Automobile Association, Tours in South Dakota

American Indian Culture Research Center - Blue Cloud Abbey

American Indian Movement

American Indian Religion Freedom Act, 1978

American Island

American Landmarks Association

American Legion

American Native Press

Andover, SD

Anglo-American Cattle Company

Angostura Reservoir

Anpaokin (Day Break)

Antarctic, South Dakotans in


Appomattox, SD

Apportionment, Congressional

Arbor Day

Archaeological Commission

Archaeological Regulations

Archaeology I, II, III

Archaeology - Society for Industrial Archeology Newsletter

Archaeology - South Dakota (Educational Series)

Architecture in South Dakota

Ardmore, SD

 Argonne, SD

Arikara Villages

Arlington, SD

Armistice Day Programs 1964, 1966-67

Armour, SD

Armstrong County

Army Air Forces Technical School, Sioux Falls

Arpan, SD

Art - Indian

Art and Paintings I - II - III

Art Center - SD Memorial (Brookings) I - II - III - IV

Artas, SD

Artesian, SD

Artesian Wells

Arts Awards - Governor's 1974

Arzberger Site

Ashcroft, SD

Ashton, SD

Associated General Contractors of South Dakota

Association of Retarded Citizens, South Dakota

Association of South Dakota Museums

Astoria, SD

Atkinson - O'Fallon Expedition 1825

Attorneys - U.S.

Augustana College

Aurora, SD 

Aurora County

Aurora County Historical Society

Autographs (Facsimile)

Automobile "Firsts"


Aviation Hall of Fame

Avon, SD

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